Why is it that the current recession has not seemed to
impact some people yet others will continually tell you how tough times are. Why
is it during these “downturn times” many entrepreneurs are watching their
revenues go up while others are chanting, “Business is slow, business is slow”?

Like me, many of my colleagues continue to grow in
spite of what we would be led to believe by the media. Although my business is
Internet based as is the case with many people I know, the growth is not
limited to online entrepreneurs. There are numerous examples of success within
industries such as fine art, healing, publishing, and more.

Why is this? What is the magic ingredient for success
for those of us who are living a completely different experience during these
most amazing times than others who don’t consider these amazing times?

It actually boils down to one simple thing; mindset. It
is in maintaining the mindset that regardless of what the outward appearances
are there is ample opportunity at every turn.

Granted, there are those who are quick to point out
that without skill set you cannot succeed. Which begs the question, “Skill set
or mindset; which is more important to achieve success?

The fact is, both are important. Yet, most highly
successful people will say mindset is more important than skill set. You see, without
the correct mindset it doesn’t matter what skills you have, your thoughts will
likely sabotage your success.

Many will dig their heels in and say that without the
correct skill set you cannot succeed. You will get no argument from me on this
fact. Skill set is absolutely essential.

However, you can have the greatest skill set in the
world, but if your head is not in the right space it won’t matter. You will
negate any possibility of success at this point in time.

On the other hand, if you don’t have all the skill you
need, with the right mindset you will do whatever you need to do to gain the
skills you need. You WILL find a way.

Your beliefs absolutely must support your experience of

Years ago a dear mentor taught me, “Surround yourself
with the winners.” Simply put, find those who are of the right mindset to
achieve their dreams not those who negate opportunity through negative
thoughts, beliefs and actions.

My good friend, mentor and colleague Willie Crawford
says this, “I surround myself with people who…while we acknowledge that yes,
we’re in a worldwide recession right now, there are opportunities in every set
of circumstances. It’s just a matter of focusing on the positive and looking
for the opportunities rather than just listening to the television, newscasts
that tell us how horrible things are, and not only that, but how we should react
to it.  I just choose not to focus on
that. Rather, I go out and find people that I can still help who are willing to
pay me.”

Keeping your mind in the right place is something that
requires vigilance. It takes a commitment to notice your thoughts, beliefs and
self talk and if necessary adjusting as needed.

Success does not happen by chance. It happens by
choice. What is the choice you are making today?

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