What would you do if you HAD to stop working? Would you be able to sustain financially?

you’ve been receiving my information or reading my blog for any length of time, you know a few
months ago I had some back to back “life happenings”.

did I know what was in store, nor that I would need to take off a substantial
amount of time from my business.

For a
period of three months I was not working at full capacity in my business –
actually I was working as little as possible. Yet, my revenues continued to
come in – daily.

greatest blessing of this is I was able to be fully present during a family crisis
that required a great deal of my time and attention.

past weekend I was reflecting over the past few months. As one of the most life
changing periods in my life, my priorities shifted.

One, I
have been taking more leisure time with family and friends. Two, I have
recommitted to my marathon training. Three, I am more committed than ever to
help as many people as I can learn and understand how to use the Internet to
grow their business and create a very sustainable revenues with real business

increased commitment is due to knowing what it feels like to be fully present
for family at a time it was most needed. If my business were not sustainable, I
would have been very torn between many things in the last few months. Looking back,
I have no regrets.

can’t even begin to put into words how grateful I am for the way things worked
out. Yet, it wasn’t always like this. In the past, I never would have been able
to do this. I would have had to work extremely long hours just to catch up because
of taking so much time off.

numbers of people would like to have the freedom of taking time off when they
need or want to, but they don’t have the revenue stream in their business to do

you can. But it takes effort and time. It takes planning and foundation. It
takes knowledge to know what to do and what not to do. Believe me, when systems
are in place, amazing things can happen.

ability to have the freedom I have today didn’t happen overnight. I worked at
it, I had mentors, I studied, I went to seminars, workshops and conferences, I
planned and I put time into building a very solid foundation and business.

my deepened commitment to help as many people as possible build a business they
can be proud of AND not wonder if they are going to be able to pay the mortgage
from month to month, I developed a program designed to teach anyone who is
serious about building a business how to do so. And, I priced it so low that
virtually anyone can afford it.

would invite you to read more about my VIP Club membership program. Click here to learn more.