Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Ryze, LinkedIn. It seems at every turn there is a new Social Network popping up. Although not for everyone, most people who are in business and use the Internet to market will find great benefit with Social Networks.

Benefits of tapping into Social Networking

Lower the Cost of Doing Business
You can substantially lower the cost of doing business when you tap into the right social network for your goals and objectives

Credibility and Trust
We are moving from the technology age to the age of recommendation. What this means is that more and more business is built based on referrals and recommendations.

Connecting with prospects on a personal level builds trust and credibility.

It’s Who You Know
When you participate in Social Networks you can quickly expand your market reach. Each person you connect with has a market reach of their own. Often one person will introduce you to others in their network.

There is so much more to Social Networks and Social Networking. To learn more check out the new Act and Attract 2.0 featuring The Blog Squad and The Street Smarts Marketer.

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