How often have you said, “Today’s the day!” regarding something you are committed to changing. Yet, by day’s end you either didn’t do what you said you would do or you did something that directly sabotaged your success?
This often happens with experts who swear up and down they are going to write a book. As with anything, whatever you want to happen, it will only occur if it is in the forefront of your thinking and you put actions behind the thoughts.
In the years I’ve been consulting with clients who want to write a book, it never fails that those who have the vision, take daily action and stay committed are the ones who get the book done.
On the other hand, those who simply talk about it are likely to still be talking a year, two years, even five years down the road.
Time and effort
What many people fail to realize is that writing a book takes a considerable amount of time and effort. The number one reason I hear from those who continue to put off writing even the first page of their “I’m working on it” book is time.
“I just can’t find the time to stay focused on writing,” is the battle-cry of those who hold tight to the dream, but put no effort into the outcome.
“I don’t like to write,” is yet another roadblock for many experts who know getting a book published would be an asset to their credibility, expertise, and market perception.
Fundamental changes
There are simple solutions for both the time issue and not enjoying the process of writing. First, you absolutely must be willing to make some fundamental changes to your belief around the process of writing. You also have to be willing to let go of what’s blocking you.
Regardless of what you say you’re committed to it takes more than simply saying, “Today is the day.” It takes focus, dedication and the willingness to get uncomfortable.
With the time issue, there are likely things you are doing that a minute at a time are sucking precious time you could be using for writing. Whether it’s your “guilty pleasure” television show, checking posts on Facebook or watching a cute animal video on YouTube, there are likely things you could let go of in order to block out time for writing.
With the “don’t like to write” issue, you can simply record your thoughts. An easy process is to outline the chapters of your book. From there, create questions for each chapter. Then hop on the phone with a friend, colleague or coach in order that they can ask you the questions. Record your answers, have the recording transcribed, send the transcripts to a copy editor, review the edits, rework as needed, send back to the editor and badaboom… you have your manuscript!
The reality is, no matter what you say you want, your actions determine how badly you really want it. Saying we want something and doing something about it (on a consistent basis) requires we get really honest with ourselves.
No matter what you want to achieve it takes work. It takes trial and error. It takes being willing to fail until you find the formula for success. And it takes risk.
If your desire to write a book is greater than your desire to watch the next episode of Bloodline, Dr. Phil, Judge Judy or Dancing with the Stars, you are on your way to achieving your outcome.
If the act of writing is not your strong suite, but having a conversation about what your book topic is about is, you now have a solution to getting your book done in a reasonable time-frame.
It all boils down to what you say you want, what you really want, and what you put time into.
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