What a blessing some minor (and not so minor) problems can be. Often, they are the catalyst for revealing something deeper that if unattended would turn into a catastrophe.
When we are open to moving in the direction life takes us, we are able to fully respond to what is in front of us.
Recently, I was leaving my mother’s home to take care of some business. As I was getting in my vehicle I noticed the 89 year old sister of a neighbor laying on the neighbors driveway. It took a moment for the situation to register, but only a moment to realize this woman was in trouble.
I quickly went to her side and saw she had fallen on her back and needed immediate medical assistance. Within moments several neighbors and motorists stopped to assist. Only minutes later, the fire department arrived.
An ambulance took Jane to the hospital. Concerned about her well being, I stopped into the emergency department at the hospital she had been taken to. Amazingly, due to the fall other, more serious, conditions had been discovered.
What appeared to be one bad thing (the fall) turned out to be a blessing due to the discovery of other conditions.
Jane, a feisty woman with a spitfire attitude, was not pleased she was in the emergency department of her local hospital. Yet, had she not been taken to the hospital, the other conditions would not have been discovered. Conditions that could prove to be life threatening.
How often is this the case for all of us? A situation occurs to which we respond with frustration or anger wondering why it happened. Often, it is the very situation that reveals something even more important.
Rather than resist what is, the best thing we can do with anything in our life is to walk in faith with trust that we are being guided. A trust that will reveal to us important information that we might miss if we constantly try to run the show.
Sure, it’s important for us to be in control of our life, yet there are times we must relinquish control and simply be with what is.
Does this mean we should be a doormat to life?  Not at all. What it means is, if on a daily basis we ask to be guided, more will be revealed. More that will show us our true path and nature.