When it comes to reading labels, Sophia DeSantis is in a league all her own. Not only does she unravel the lies hidden on labels, she also teaches her clients how to do the same.



Sophia’s journey into plant-based eating began with her husband’s health was becoming a huge concern. After having two babies within 15 months of each other, the stress for both Sophia an her husband was mounting. Sophia’s husband was on high blood pressure medication and cholesterol medication, and had bee most of his adult life. The medication was not working like it had, which added to their concerns and stress.

Fortunately, the cardiologist was very forward thinking. He gave Sophia’s husband a couple of choices. One, keep doing what you’re doing and increase medications or change his diet to one that was more plant based.

Having grown up in a Greek household, this was not a change they anticipated.

Both Sophia and her husband consumed meat and dairy as part of their food protocol.

The cardiologist recommended the documentary, Forks Over Knives. This was a life changing decision for the DeSantis family.

They decided to try a dramatic change for at least 21 days. They eliminated gluten, sugar, alcohol, all animal products from the start.


Post-Partum Reduction is Evident


One of the most dramatic changes for Sophia was how great she felt with the dietary changes and how quickly she felt better. Having dealt with sever post-partum after the birth of her first two babies, Sophia noticed a marked improvement in her emotions.




The more she and her husband learned about healthy eating, the more Sophia realized how misleading food labels are. Food manufacturers can manipulate the data to make it appear as if foods are healthy, when in fact they may not be.

Sophia’s first two pregnancies were difficult on many levels, but with her third pregnancy, she noticed a marked difference on many levels.

“Having eaten a mostly plant-based diet, my postpartum really wasn’t that bad. I felt quite different in my third and I didn’t need any drug intervention while giving birth. Another thing I noticed is I didn’t have the postpartum depression like with my first two pregnancies.”


Plant-Based Children


Although Sophia provides meals that are high-nutrient, plant-based to her children, she knows they will likely make other decisions when not at home. Her focus is to educate them on family health history, healthy choices and making good decisions.

When you provide children with information, guidance, and healthy choices, often they make the best decisions based on what they see their parents doing.

The best thing to do is not make a big deal out of food choices. Simply guide them through example. Help them to make connections between what they eat and how they feel.

An Obsession is Born

One of the greatest changes that came out of becoming a plant-based lifestylist is Sophia’s obsession with reading food labels. Often labels can be very misleading. This sparked a mission to raise awareness on what to look for when buying package foods such as pasta, sauces, and other products many people think are healthy, but might be just the opposite.

Learning how to read food labels is a building block to better food choices which leads to better health. What you see on the label is not always what the “truth” is. Food manufactures have found a workaround on how to cut down on portion sizes in order to mislead the public with the actual ingredients.

In answer to this challenge, Sophia created the How to Read Food Labels. This guide will help you to understand more fully what to notice when reading labels. You’ll likely be shocked with how misleading labels actually are and never look at them the same way from here on out.

Sophia DeSantis is a former first grade teacher and education specialist, who now uses her expertise from teaching and passion for wellness to help others feel empowered instead of overwhelmed through her client centered health coaching.





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