If you’re an expert looking for a proven way to position your expertise while making a great living, platform speaking is, by far, one of the best strategies around.
Many people believe the greatest opportunity is getting paid by a client to speak. Although you can make a great living this way, there are more profitable ways. Read on.
There are several ways you can generate revenue.

  • Get paid to speak. Revenues may be limited to your fee.
  • Speak for associations and sell products and services from the platform. You must get permission by the meeting planner before you start selling.
  • Host your own events. This give you much more flexibility and you call the shots AND you can sell whatever you darn well want to.

Hosting your own events can be an incredibly profitable model. I’ve had several six figure paydays with self-staged events.
Self-staged events give you ample opportunity to teach whatever you want, to whomever you choose, with the potential to generate fantastic revenues through admissions, sponsorships and/or selling from the stage.

  • Mastermind retreats
  • Workshops
  • Seminars


  • No fee
  • Refundable deposit
  • Fee

You can use one event to jump-start another bigger, more profitable event. Your success will be determined by your preparation of each event, the development of a responsive database and how well you utilize your database.
Cost considerations

  • Venue rental
  • Insurance
  • Entertainment
  • Equipment rental
  • Printing costs
  • Food
  • Speakers
  • Marketing, advertising and promotions
  • Other

Sponsors to offset costs and increase registrations

  • Hosting your own event may require a substantial investment. A great way to offset the initial costs are with sponsors.

Sponsorship packages can be set up in a number of ways. A few of the items that can be sponsored are:

  • Table Space
  • Wall banner signage
  • Swag bag insertion
  • Platform opportunity
  • “Sponsored by” tag over PA
  • Promotional campaign signage/linkage

Marketing your event.
There are many ways you need to market your events. On June 23rd I’ll share my top three.
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