If you love to speak on the platform, you’re really good and you have outstanding material, getting paid to speak is a great way to make a living.
The dream of many experts is to have a full calendar of paid speaking engagements. Nice dream and yet, for some, it is far more profitable to create complimentary speaking opportunities to “showcase” their expertise.
How can this be? After all, if you get paid right out of the gate, it’s like a bird in the hand being worth more than two in the bush.
Not so fast! For some of us, we’ve cracked the code of how to make the so-called free engagements incredibly profitable… to the tune of six figures, even multiple six figures, for one event.
Granted, there is upfront work that goes into a six figure event, but with the right preparation, delivery and follow up, you are in a great position to book out ongoing revenues you will enjoy for months to come.
The most important aspect of an event that showcases your expertise is mindset. With the right mindset everything else becomes manageable, doable and fun.
image blog postShowcasing simply means you, the expert, gives your audience a taste of what you do. With the right presentation, the right mindset and a clearly defined offer, you become unstoppable.
Even though your audience is not paying money to attend your presentation, they are paying with something that is far more precious; time. Make their time 100% worthwhile and when you make your offer they will be incredibly receptive.
When making an offer, it has to be specific to the audience you are presenting to. You absolutely must convey how this offer will benefit them. It’s not so much the features they care about, it’s how it will give them an outcome they seek.
Be sure to give yourself plenty of time when you are making the offer. The mistake I often see speakers make is they get so enamored with their presentation, they rush through their close.
In reality, your close happens throughout your presentation by way of case studies, examples and mini offers leading up to the big offer.
If the presentation is hosted by you, you are the one who creates the rules of when the offer is made.
In other cases, you won’t be able to make an offer during your presentation. It will be done during the follow up which might be done via email, direct mail or a phone call.
A great place to showcase your talent is at association meetings. There are thousands upon thousands of meetings taking place every month throughout the United States and Canada. Of course, Europe has association meetings too.
Regardless of where you speak, the key is to make sure audience members fit your profile of an ideal client.
There is a caveat to all this; if you’re just starting out and need platform experience, my recommendation is to speak to as many people as possible without too much concern for whether or not they will invest in your products and/or services.
On the other hand, if you are a seasoned presenter, then be extremely targeted with the people you get in front of. This is where the incredible revenue opportunities reside.
In the 21 plus years I’ve owned my business, hands down, the number one way I’ve built market presence, positioned my expertise and generated great revenue (while serving others with my information) has been by getting on the platform.