Ever wish there was an app that would guide you to find those plum speaking gigs?
You know the ones I’m talking about:
Under-the radar-venues that put you smack dab in front of your ideal audience, to help fill your programs and make your business a blast!
When you know where to find the gigs, you can literally write your own ticket to success.
Right now, I don’t know of just such an app, but… there is a way to find the right gigs for your expertise and goals.

Speaking Rocks

So even though the app doesn’t yet exist (at least not to my knowledge), I still find speaking to be a powerhouse activity.
It doesn’t matter if it’s to a group of five or 500, there’s something magical about sharing information that can literally help others in both their personal and professional life.
One reason I love speaking to groups is because it’s a great way to showcase my expertise. From there, I can introduce various products and services to the group. The process of introducing information products is one that can generate a substantial amount of money to my bottom-line.

Ninja Gig-Finding Tips

What if there was a place where you could discover amazing searches, tools and ninja tricks to locate (and book) your dream gigs?
My friend and colleague Rob Schultz has been sharing these ideas with his clients for years.
And he’s agreed to reveal some of the best ones just for you in a fast-paced presentation to help uncover your spot-on places to speak.
The ones hiding in plain sight. That are a perfect for you and what you offer. That can give an electric boost to your bottom line.
(If only you could find them).
Well, you can, when you sign up now!
If you could book just two more gigs every month and get one client from each … that’s 24 more new clients this year.
Are you doing the math? Are you picking up what I’m putting down? Are you seeing what that could do for your business? And your life?
When that gig-finding app does come out … I will let you know.
But if you’re ready to discover perfect fit spacing venues now, you want to make sure you save your spot!
Ninja searches, tips and tools to find your spot-in speaking gigs.

Thursday, July 19, 2018


  • Discover ingenious searches, tricks and tools to find your dream gigs.
  • A cool way to stand on the shoulders of other speakers to target ideal venues.
  • Ultra-ninja avenues to find spot-on places to speak.