One of my favorite activities is speaking on the platform. It doesn’t matter if it’s to a group of five or 500, there’s something magical about sharing information that can literally help others in both their personal and professional life.
Just this past week, I had the opportunity to speak to a group of 20 entrepreneurs about visibility.
Later this week I will again be sharing tips and strategies on gaining visibility to another local group in Eugene.
If you’re in the area on Friday check it out.
One reason I love speaking to groups is because it’s a great way to showcase my expertise. From there, I can introduce various products and services to the group. The process of introducing information products is one that can generate a substantial amount of money to my bottom-line.
Is it Easy?
Most people have heard you can easily generate lots of revenues from information products. It’s true, you can. However, keep in mind it’s a very simple process, but not necessarily easy.
Here’s why. Before you make money from information products it’s necessary to know who will buy them, why they will buy them and what benefit the information provides.
Once you figure these things out, yes, you can make great money from information products.
Who Wants Your Stuff?
One of the first considerations in the development of any product or service is to know who your market is and whether they have a need for what you offer. This takes research. You need to follow market trends, survey your market, notice what your competitors are doing, and stay on top of the latest information.
Think about who your market is. What is their greatest challenge? What keeps them awake at night? Do you have solid data to justify your product or service? Will people pay for your product or service? Is there enough of a profit margin to make it worthwhile?
Develop a plan that includes a timeline for creation and implementation
Your plan needs to include the goals of the project, deliverables, target dates, costs, resources needed, milestones, risks involved, and projected revenue. A huge part of your project plan is your budget.
You also need to know what the risks are, what can go wrong, and what you will do about it if that happens.
Keep in mind that no matter how well-planned your project, you will need to make adjustments along the way. Don’t be so attached to your plan that if change is indicated you refuse to make it!
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