With millions of podcast shows listed on popular platforms like Apple Podcast, you might be wondering if now a great time to start your own show. After all, how hard can it be?

Heck, you just have to talk into a microphone and people are eager to listen in.

Can it really be that easy? Maybe yes, maybe no.

As you think of starting a show, visions of your show hitting in the Top 10 fill your head.

Fame and fortune await you simply by starting your own podcast show.

After all, you did great as a featured expert on a few shows. How hard can it be to start your own show?

Truth be told, there’s more to having a successful podcast show than most people realize. There are plenty of other things to consider before starting your own podcast show.

What may seem like a great idea initially, can end up as another idea that collects dust very quickly and you end up podfading sooner than later.

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5 Must-Do’s

To have a successful show consider these steps. Actually, these are pretty evident, but the sixth step is one many people miss.

  1.  Find your guests
  2. Invite guests
  3. Conduct the interview
  4. Edit the interview
  5. Upload the interview to your podcast hosting company.


Step 6

There is one more BIG step that can make or break your show, marketing the episode. Check out the short video I created a couple years ago. The information is still very relevant for anyone thinking of starting a show.

To market your episodes, be sure to send an announcement to your subscribers, post on social media and tweet several times. This is just ground level marketing. There’s more, but this is more than most actually do.

Often, you’re much better off being a featured expert on someone else’s show rather than having your own show.

Yet for some, the time is right to start a show.

Not sure what to do? Keep reading.

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Let’s Talk

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