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Excuses Be Gone
One of the most prevalent excuses I hear for someone not doing something is they don’t have the money.
It’s not that they don’t have the money, it’s that they haven’t organized their resources to allocate the money.
Rather than saying, “I don’t’ have the money,” and not doing something about it, one client decided to get creative and created a new, very inexpensive product to generate the funds to do something she had been wanting to do.
She wasn’t going to sit in the space of, “There’s nothing I can do about this.”
We can either reside in the space of “I can’t do this because of XYZ” or we can ask ourselves the empowering question, “What can I do to create the resources to do this?”
Our success is based more on our beliefs and internal dialogue than it is on outward circumstances.
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It’s one thing to host a teleseminar, webinar or live event. It’s something completely different to promote it far and wide.
Finding lots of great places to announce your event is essential to your success. Yet, this can take days and days to figure out.
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