I returned home yesterday after 4 days of intensive training at Experts Academy with Brendon Burchard. By intensive I’m talking 12 – 14 hours of non-stop learning, networking, and brainstorming for three of the four days. The final day was only 8 hours and it literally flew by.
For over 9 hours I drove from San Jose, California to Oregon. I love a long drive after an intense learning experience. I have time to assimilate what I experienced.
If you know who Brendon is you know the guy’s a genius. His whole platform is to serve one’s market and make a GREAT living in the process.
What has changed?
In the time I have been a member of his private mastermind group (5 months) I have noticed some significant shifts in myself and my business. My focus has increased (it was already great compared to many entrepreneurs and now it’s even better), my revenues have increased and I am loving what I do even more.
The thing I love the most is really serving you with great information much of which I give away. I love sharing and my commitment to my market is to help as many people as I can.
In the last few months I have met some amazing men and women who are also involved in the mastermind group. They too are experiencing amazing shifts. As we’ve shared with each other what the greatest contributors to the changes are it boils down to a few things.
1. Committing to the change.
2. Making a financial investment to learn from the best.
3. Taking action each and every day.
4. Letting go of the activities that eat up time in the day.
5. Hanging out with those who also want massive change.
6. Willingness to work (and work hard) for what we want.
What are you willing to do?
It’s amazing how many people want a change in their business but they are making no change in their day to day activity. Their day goes something like this; turn on their computer, check their emails, play around in social networks, get distracted, check their emails again, go back into social networks, talk about how slow the economy still is and then wonder where the day went.
The fact is, if you want to take your business to the next level you MUST make changes.  All of us have to do this.
Is it different for you?
Every day I get emails from people who are still saying how tough it is to make money in their business. When I ask them what they are doing differently than a month, two months, three months ago they don’t have an answer. If you want change you BETTER change what you are doing. There’s no beating around the bush on this.
Here are a few things you can do that will significantly impact your bottom line.
1. Quit reading all your emails first thing in the morning. Your mornings need to be used for monetizing your business.
2. Organize your office for the highest level of productivity. If this means cleaning out your work area then do it.
3. Let go (and I mean really let go) of the day to day activities that are not producing results for you. This might mean reducing the amount of time you spend in social networks. Social networks are great … to a point. Often they are a huge time waster and do not contribute to your bottom line.
4. Surround yourself with high achievers. This likely means you need to join a mastermind group, take stock of how much time you spend during your workday having nonproductive conversations with those who continue to want to talk about how slow things are, and raise your own performance bar.
These are only a handful of recommendations. The fact is, there is so much business available for virtually everyone. I know there are those who will say, “But Kathleen, things are slow for me.”
I don’t discount this fact. What I do ask you is this…

  • How productive are you really being in your day?
  • Who are you hanging out with (both in person and in cyberspace)?
  • How much time are you using to really monetize your business?
  • How much time are you using to look at the latest funny video on YouTube that is an incredible time waster?
  • What are you willing to do differently to achieve the outcomes you desire?

Believe me, if I didn’t make a conscious effort each and every day to continue to build a lifestyle business, I would be singing the, “Business is slow, you just don’t understand” melody.
Rather, I look for every conceivable way to move to the next level while continuing to serve my market fully. Do you?
Take a look at this short video I created on how to be more productive in your day. This is a strategy I learned from Brendon and one of the main contribution factors to why things have shifted so dramatically for me.

What is your experience with this type of change? Have you consciously focused on what you need to do differently to achieve better outcomes? Sharing of best practices welcome.