There’s a big lie still being told to you about success.  You’ve likely heard the lie told in many different ways by a cross-section of people.
The lie is this; all you have to do is visualize what you want and presto! it magically appears.
The reality of this became incredibly clear to me as I wrap up ten days of whirlwind activity.
It started with prep for Power Up for Profits Live, the event itself, home for a day, then off to Napa for my mastermind retreat.
As I am regrouping on this beautiful Saturday morning it has become more apparent than ever that success takes focus, effort, work and time.
My commitment to my community is to shatter the myth that you can simply visualize what you want and presto! your are successful. This commitment is stronger than ever.
Why?  Because I’m incredibly tired of the BS and lies that are still begin fed to those who want to believe there is an easy path to success. When someone buys into the lie it can be very harmful; financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
Ironically, the path to success is very simple, but not necessarily easy. The journey can be amazingly fun, but not always easy.
I just spent three days with my mastermind buddies – all of whom are so frigging committed to doing their life’s work AND serving their markets. All are in the multiple six to seven figure mark.  Each contribute to nonprofits, fundraisers and/or family and friends in need.
And each and every one has worked (and worked hard) for their success.
Not one of them sat on a mountain top and simply visualized what they wanted. Sure, there are those of us who do sit on mountaintops to gain clarity on what we want, but there is another element to the process – footwork.
Additionally, we invested time, money and effort.
It never ceases to amaze me how often someone will be told the formula for success and yet, still hold out for that magic button. Folks, there is not magic button.
Ironically, magic does happen when it is preceded by action.
Something else that is incredibly apparent is this; it’s not the end goal that makes success so sweet. It’s definitely the journey there.
If all we do is focus on the end goal we miss the juice of life. Whatever we are striving for is so much more rewarding to achieve when we are fully present in the moment.
Another important “ah ha” is that not everything we set out to accomplish will work. As much as we have our wins, we have our losses. Yet, it is in the ability to move forward in spite of losses we are open to an even greater level of success.
What are your lessons around success? Comments welcomed and encouraged.