Recently I offered an open, hop on the phone line, Q&A session. It was on a Saturday and I made myself available for two hours to answer as many questions about building your business as possible during that time.
To encourage people to get on the line I announced the call would not be recorded. I also let it be known no opt in was required. Just show up and ask questions. Simple.
A few things happened that I didn’t expect. One, the number of people who showed up was beyond what I thought the call would attract. Awesome!
Two; the questions were fabulous. Three; the appreciation people expressed to me was more than anticipated. Men and women from around the globe were really appreciative of me taking time on a Saturday to avail myself to them in this capacity.
This is the first time I’ve done an open call like this where no opt in was required, no replay would be made available and I took time out of my weekend to make myself completely available to anyone who had questions.
From the response, I knew I had hit the target.
What I didn’t expect were the few people (and yes it was very few) who were upset because I wasn’t recording the call nor was the time convenient for them.
A couple of people were downright rude. “How dare you do this at a time I can’t make it!” one woman wrote me.
One person on the call let me know I was interrupting her dinner by having the call at 10 a.m. Pacific. Obviously, she is in a part of the world where it was evening.
To those who showed up, asked great questions and expressed appreciation, THANK YOU!
To those who bitched me out, wake up! Success is not always convenient.
One man asked me why I didn’t record the call. It’s very simple, I didn’t want to.
The fact is there will be times we need to show up to an opportunity even if we think it’s not the best time to do so.
Far too many people have gotten really lazy around their success and many others have developed a sense of entitlement when it comes to learning online.
99% of the time, those who feel others need to cater to them and their schedule are the ones who are not making money, have never offered much of anything to their market, don’t know who their market is and still believe the BS that you don’t have to work for success.
Then there are those who are ALWAYS trying to get something for nothing. If you invest nothing in your business that’s what you will get out of your business; nothing!
Here are a few basics of turning a profit in your business.

  1. There are times when you need to do something that’s not convenient.
  2. You have to treat your business like a business which means you have to invest money.
  3. No one owes you anything.
  4. If you are constantly looking to get something for nothing, that’s what your business will likely be; nothing.
  5. Those who have a sense of entitlement need to take look at why you believe this.

Ask yourself this, “Am I the type of person I would want to attract in my business?” In other words, if you have a sense of entitlement, are always looking for the freebies, never invest in yourself or your business, is this what you want from your clients and customers?
Here’s the deal; there are plenty of us who share a lot of great information at no cost to the end user. We love doing so because we know we are serving others, but we are not obligated to give information away. We do it because we want to and know this is a smart business practice.
Along with the complimentary information we provide, we do have paid products and services. And most people appreciate this and are willing to pay for the information.
I’m no stranger to accessing free information. Equally, I’m no stranger to paying, and paying well, for great information from experts I want to learn from.
Consider this, if you are not yet making money in your business it could be for a few simple reasons. One, you never invest in your business. Two, you have a sense of entitlement that energetically attracts others who have that same sense of entitlement. Three, you’ve never taken the time to package your knowledge into money making products and services.
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And you likely have gathered that this is not for the faint of heart. Actually, my motto is, “No wimps allowed.”
See you on the other side of success.
What are your thoughts about those who feel entitled, should experts try to accommodate absolutely everyone and has the “freebie” mindset worked against or for people? Your comments and insights welcome.