What is the measure of success? Ask ten people and you’ll likely receive ten answers.
It’s important to base your definition of success on what it means to you, not what others say it is. Although no one can define what success means to us, plenty will try. There are those who go as far as to say, “If you don’t define it according to my rules, you are wrong, dead wrong.”
To some, it’s about the cars, houses, bling-bling, fancy restaurants and other such things. To others, it’s about the experiences they create. Some base it on a deep connection to God. To yet others, it’s about the friends and love they have. Then there are those who base it on how healthy they are. While others base it on their level of contribution. For some it’s about the career they have chosen.
And for many, it’s a combination of all of the above. Only you can decide the truth for you.
In the years I’ve been online I’ve seen much confusion about what success is by way of the Internet. As with overall success, there are many roads to success online.
Some do it by creating their own products. Others do it by joint venturing. Still others do it through selling products as an affiliate. Others choose to use the internet to drive traffic to live events. While others do it by way of writing lots of Kindle books. Yet others do so by having online radio and podcast shows. Then there are those who ghost write and find their clients online. While others are incredible virtual assistants working with highly visible clients.
There is not one, and only one, definition on what being successful online is about.
Whatever path you choose, make it yours. Don’t assume for a minute that because someone is doing something you should be too.
I see it all too often that someone will listen to an expert talk about what they do and say, “You mean I have to do that or I won’t be successful?”
No, you don’t. There are many, many roads to success and only you can define what that means to you.
There will be times when what you knew was success will change. As we grow and change, our definition may grow and change. The greatest gift we can give to ourselves and others is the willingness to be flexible and let our lives transform as new information and experiences enter.
Whatever success means to you there’s one thing for sure; be willing to give 100% to your journey in order to taste the sweetest nectar of success.
To me, one huge aspect of success is living in the space of gratitude and passion. I want to make sure I give each day as much gusto as possible. I want to be a model of what is possible, not a warning of what not to do.
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