Although I'm a strong believer in the fact that every day is a great day as long as I wake up alive <grin> the past weekend was especially great.

Myself and four of my colleagues watched what was merely an idea a few months ago become an amazingly incredible event. Nearly 70 people flew in from around the United States and Canada to enjoy the Radiant Success Event – RSE.

Specific purpose
The purpose of RSE was to bring entrepreneurs from around the globe together to gain insights into running a successful business. All five of the experts (Janis Pettit, Marnie Perhson, Ellen Britt, Denise Wakeman and yours truly – me) shared our knowledge, insights, tips, strategies, how to's, and systems that have allowed each of us to build successful businesses using the Internet.

However, we also talked about using offline methods to build one's business. Many entrepreneurs don't want to stick solely to the Internet to make money but rather, have a combination of the two.

One person who has done well with offline speaking engagements is Sue Henry. I was thrilled to learn how my information products (and one in particular – How to Become a Six Figure a Year Professional Speaker) has helped her make $30,000. See the video below posted by Coach Shelli.

Want to see what program Sue Henry was raving about? It's my How to Become a Six Figure a Year Professional Speaker home study course

It's about success

Back to RSE – the weekend consisted of keynote presentations, panel discussions, and Diamond Level brainstorming sessions. Regardless of what was happening the overtone was all about how to achieve success.

No matter how you slice it, online or off, there are some very important things that must be done to achieve success.

First, you must have the idea of what you want to accomplish. Second, you must believe you can accomplish your outcome. Third, you have to take action and then continue taking action.

Of course, there is much more to it but if you don't have the vision, the belief and the action, nothing else matters. Oh yes, you must have the right team players.

Is it luck?

Something that came up in conversation quite a bit throughout the weekend is how more times than not someone who accomplishes something extraordinary will be viewed (and called) lucky.

Although luck does play into what we do, it's not solely about luck. My definition of luck is when opportunity and preparedness meet. Simple as that. When you are prepared for opportunity you do appear to be very "lucky".

As I mentally review the events of the last few months that led up to the amazing RSE weekend, I realize many people will call the five of use who had the idea and watched it come to fruition lucky. I also realize the women and men who attended the event have an element of luck to their success. They took the time to learn new information, network, brainstorm and step out in faith in order to take their businesses to the next level.

It's magical
Whether at Radiant Success Event or other incredible events like NAMS4, there is something magical about this that only those who take the initiative to be in attendance can experience. (For NAMS4 use code NAMS4FF to enjoy $300 off for a very limited time.)

Funny how my colleagues and I are considered very lucky because RSE was so successful. Did we know it would be this successful? Nope. But we did all we could to assure that success including have a vision, a solid belief and taking action during a time when others are still saying how bad times are. You see, we had to take a risk on this by investing time, money and energy with no guarantees.

A common thread in what each of the five of us shared during our presentations and hallway conversations at RSE is how important it is not to buy into the negative thinking of others. A huge part of success is what you believe to be true, who you hang out with, your daily actions and what you are willing to do to achieve an outcome.

So the next time you might be tempted to call someone lucky, think about what went into their luck. And the next time someone calls you lucky, think about what you did to get sooooo lucky. Chances are you were prepared when opportunity presented itself.

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