10 days ago I submitted an order to Fiverr for an image I wanted created. I mentioned to the vendor that I likely would have many more opportunities if the image was something I liked.
I was led to believe the job would be done in four days. On the third day I was informed it would be done in ten days.
Today is day ten and there is another message indicating it will be done tomorrow.
Wow! What a mistake on the part of the artist.
For them to know I may want more work done and not to do everything they could to get the first job done in a timely fashion is a huge mistake.
It never ceases to amaze me how people say they are looking for work, they get paid for a “test” job and then they fart around getting it done.
Likely, they are the very same people who are still saying how bad the economy.
Granted, it’s not that my $5 job is going to make or break them, but what about the other business they might get out of the deal? And what about people I could have referred to them?
I gave the artist all the opportunity in the world to figure out that this was not just some idle promise. I told them why I wanted the image done, what the full project was and even signed with my full name. A quick look on the Internet would have told them I was not fooling around and I was the real deal.
Because of this delay it is very likely I won’t do more business with them. Why should I? After all, they initially promised a small job in a few days and I am still waiting for the job to be finished. I can only imagine how long it would take for a full blown job.
A few insights for running a successful business

  • Always under promise and over deliver
  • Don’t make your potentially great clients wait beyond the promised date
  • Realize that the first job is the first impression
  • What starts out small may likely turn into something huge
  • Keep the client informed about what is happening
  • Don’t be a boob! If you have someone who is paying you to do a job, do it!

On the flip side, when you find a vendor who takes really good care of you, take really good care of them.

  • Treat them with respect
  • Pay on time
  • Let them know you appreciate who they are.

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