I am thrilled to share with you the following information from my dear friend and colleague, David Perdew. Find out how to get your affiliates to take action like never before. You will also learn how you can gain access to some amazing incentives from David. He da’ man!
Expert Blog Post from David Perdew
When I was a Boy Scout many, many moons ago, I learned to sell door-to-door to earn prizes.
Like any good Scout, I subscribed to Boys Life magazine. Inside the back cover, there always was a company who recruited kids (especially Boy Scouts) to bang on the neighbors door and present them with something they would need very soon.
In the fall and winter, I sold seeds. Flower seeds and vegetable seeds always sold well at that time. In the summer, I sold Christmas cards and they were delivered in October in plenty of time to get a re-order made before Christmas.
That was one of the best business experiences of my life for a few reasons. By the time I was 13, I learned:
1)      About selling a product in hungry market. (Right product at the right time at the right price equaled a sale.)
2)      Approaching people face-to-face with a smile on my face got a lot better results than a grumpy or sheepish approach.
And this was probably the most important lesson:
3)      I responded to sales incentives, and so did 1000s of other boys like me.
The ads in the magazine were full page spreads that displayed the dozen or so awards I could win by selling just the right number of products.
If I needed a new baseball bat in the summer time, I knew exactly how many packages of seeds I had to sell in the winter to take delivery of the Louisville Slugger before the season started.
So, I set a goal.
Selling meant earning something better in my life. And I knew exactly what I had to do to achieve that goal. I made a plan to get it.
I did too.
For years, I earned different awards. One of the reasons it worked for me was that I got exactly what they depicted and it was always something of high quality – and exactly what I wanted.
Winner-take-all sales contests energize only the most competitive sales people, but sales incentive programs can energize and army of hawkers for a product.
That’s why I’ve started a significant sales incentive program for my affiliates at http://mynams.com. And it’s paying off.
When I launched MyNAMS Premium Membership (at http://mynams.com) in August, the program hinged on a very aggressive and graduated sales incentive program that basically offer affiliates a substantial award determined by the number of new referrals. All the awards could be exchanged for an Amazon Gift Card or cash.
I gave away computers, Kindles, iPads and lots of cash totaling about $4,000. But I also had more than $8,000 per month in new members in less than six weeks.
Affiliates are great. But they only move when their motivated. And if they’re not motivated to move by your promotions, your pool of leads will dry up. Whether you hire people to work the phones (which I can’t stand) or you recruit an army of affiliates, motivation is the key to selling.
With my new sales incentive program, I’ve created 20 levels that include awards at the top end that seem to be unachievable for most. But there’s a ton of buzz about those awards. And they will attract the super affiliates with large lists. They include:

  • $100,000 cash
  • BMW 3 Series Coupe
  • Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic
  • 5-Day Kenyan Safari
  • and much more.

To see the full list of incentive awards, visit http://nams.ws/win-kgage
Major awards like $100,000 in cash may scare away a new affiliate. So, I created $15 awards as well that were easily achievable. And I leveled the playing field with a weekly drawing in addition to the award.
But let’s look at the top award: $100,000 Cash.  What does that mean realistically?
To earn $100,000 cash, an affiliate has to earn $100,000 in new member commissions in one calendar month.
At the current membership price an affiliate would have to sell 13,369 monthly memberships. A two percent conversion would require 668,450 people on the prospect list. That’s actually pretty doable.
Remember, the award is for new member referrals that month. Essentially, I’d match their commission – or make a 100% commission – for the first month.
Guess what happens in the subsequent months?
The affiliate receives 50% commission and I get 50% of the referral or $100,000 per month myself. So, for the first month, I’m giving away the profit so I can reap big rewards in later months.
But since every new member is important…
The random monthly drawing for a $100 Amazon Gift Card levels the playing field for all affiliates.
To see an example of how it works, check it out here:
Stay away from sales contests, but I encourage you to include a sales incentive program in your affiliate recruitment process as long as you can. And be generous with the front end because the more you give, the more you get.