Often we don’t notice something until we are the one
experiencing it.

For example, when a woman is pregnant (or trying to get
pregnant), she will notice expectant women. They seem to be everywhere!

When you have your heart set on a specific make and model of
a car, or you just purchased the car, you notice lots of others exactly like
it. Even down to the color.

Maybe you break a bone, and all of a sudden you notice how
many people are on crutches or have a cast. (I had that experience in August
2009 when I broke my ankle)

One experience hitting home for countless individuals is the
care of an elderly parent. All of a sudden, you see how many adult children are
shopping, walking or dining with an aged parent. You notice lots of elderly men
and women using walkers or motorized carts.

If you are not directly impacted by caring for an elder, you
may not even be aware of how prevalent this is. Yet, caring for a parent is
becoming more common every day.

We do what we can to prepare for this, yet, no matter how
ready one believes oneself to be, the reality can be very different than ever

Sadly, many people are not able to respond to taking care of
a parent the way they would like, for any number of reasons — geographic restrictions,
job commitments or financial resources.

Still others can respond exactly how they desire because
they do have the flexibility to make different choices.

I was prompted to write about this when I received an
inquiry from a woman who wanted to know, “How do I structure things so I can
stay home and run my business via the internet? I have a baby and travel is out
of the question right now. This would also apply to someone caring for a sick
relative or if the person is injured.”

This got me to thinking about how truly blessed I am to have
the business I do. If you have received my information for any length of time
you know I am very committed to teaching people how to build a sustainable,
lifestyle business.

What you may not know is the driving force behind my passion
to reach as many people as possible with my business- building information.

Up until now, only my closest friends and colleagues know
what I am going to share with you. I have kept this very private, but I now
know it is time to open up in order for you to more fully understand what
drives me.

Like countless other baby boomers, I am one of the primary
caretakers of an elderly parent. Until I was put in the middle of the situation,
I had no idea what a blessing, structuring my business the way I have, really
is. I have incredible flexibility that allows me choices I otherwise would not

Growing a successful business goes beyond simply making a
great living. Yet, making a great living cannot be taken out of the equation.
You see, making great money gives you the freedom to make decisions you
otherwise could not make. It’s that simple.

For nearly a year, I have been dealing with (and responding
to) elderly care issues that have required I reorganize my time and life in
ways I never dreamed. Yet, my business has continued to thrive.

I share this very personal information with you because I DO
know the stresses that come with parental concern. 

I am not unique in this situation. Just yesterday I had a
conversation with a client who is caretaking her elderly mother. For a long
time she and her siblings have shared responsibility of being at their mother’s

One of her driving forces in building her business is the
very flexibility she knows is possible.

The beauty of the Internet is all the great information that
is available regardless of what life challenges you face. For example, you can
find forums dedicated to virtually any topic on which you need information.

Social networks provide connections with others who are
experiencing the very things you are.

Resources abound if you know where to look. Sometimes a
simple Google search is all it takes to find yourself surrounded by amazing
individuals who can lend guidance in areas that may be very unfamiliar to you
when a situation first arises.

Daily, my resolve to reach as many people as possible with
“sanity-saving, consciousness raising” information is deepened. I do know that
when you feel safe in your business, you are less stressed and more able to do
what you are called to do.

Something many professionals can utilize to build their
businesses is teleseminars. Regardless of your industry, knowing how to
develop, market and deliver teleseminars gives you incredible freedom.

On April 27, I am offering a free session on how to use teleseminars
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