As a business owner or nonprofit director, you may find yourself faced with the decision of whether to exhibit at an event, contribute to the swag bag, or even do both. Understandably, you want to ensure that your resources are utilized effectively.

With budgets stretched, you want to make sure that any investment you make is just that, an investment and not a wasted expense.

When it comes to contributing to a SWAG BAG, you have in-person events that require hard costs and virtual events that can be incredibly cost effective, especially if your contribution is in the form of a digital product, an eBook, or a discount coupon.

However, to make this worth your while, and contribute something people are excited to receive, consider the following.

Making a decision about exhibiting or contributing to the swag bag should be based on factors like return on investment (ROI), target audience exposure, and the resources you have available.


ROI Analysis: Consider the potential return on investment for both exhibiting and contributing to the swag bag. Evaluate the costs associated with each option, including booth fees, production of promotional items, and staff time. Compare these costs against the potential benefits such as lead generation, brand exposure, and networking opportunities. Determine if the expected ROI justifies the investment required for each option.

Target Audience Exposure: Assess which option provides better access to your target audience. Research the demographics and interests of event attendees to determine if they align with your ideal customer or supporter profile. Consider the reach and engagement level you can achieve through exhibiting and the potential reach and impact of contributing to the swag bag. Choose the option that offers the most direct and meaningful exposure to your target audience.

Time and Resources: Evaluate the availability of time and resources within your organization. Exhibiting at an event requires planning, logistics, and dedicated staff to set up, personing the booth, and follow up with leads. Contributing to the swag bag involves producing and packaging promotional items, even with digital options. Consider your team’s bandwidth and ensure you can allocate the necessary time and resources to execute either or both options effectively.

Brand Strategy Alignment: Align your decision with your overall brand strategy. Consider how exhibiting or contributing to the swag bag fits into your larger marketing and branding goals. Determine if the event aligns with your brand’s values, target market, and messaging. Ensure that the promotional items or materials you provide are consistent with your brand identity and resonate with the event attendees.

Measurable Goals: Define clear, measurable goals for your participation. Whether it’s lead generation, brand awareness, partnerships, or sales, set specific objectives that you want to achieve through exhibiting or contributing to the swag bag. Evaluate which option aligns best with your goals and offers a higher likelihood of success.

Ultimately, the decision should be based on a careful evaluation of these factors and an understanding of your organization’s specific needs and priorities.

To further determine if exhibiting at an event, or contributing to a SWAG BAG are great option let’s delve into why both exhibiting and contributing to the swag bag are excellent ideas:

Maximize Brand Exposure: Exhibiting at an event allows you to showcase your products, services, or mission to a targeted audience. It offers direct engagement and interaction with potential customers or supporters. By also contributing to the swag bag, you extend your brand exposure beyond your booth. Attendees who may not have had the opportunity to visit your booth will still encounter your brand through the swag bag, amplifying your reach and making a lasting impression.

Comprehensive Brand Experience: Exhibiting and contributing to the swag bag provides a comprehensive brand experience for event attendees. When attendees visit your booth, they have a chance to interact with your representatives, explore your offerings, and learn more about your brand. The swag bag, on the other hand, acts as a tangible extension of your brand, offering additional value and leaving a lasting impression. By combining these two strategies, you create a cohesive and immersive brand experience that resonates with attendees.

Multiple Touchpoints: Exhibiting and contributing to the swag bag offer multiple touchpoints for engagement with your target audience. Your booth becomes a focal point for face-to-face conversations, demonstrations, and relationship-building. Meanwhile, the swag bag serves as a touchpoint that attendees can carry with them throughout the event and beyond. It creates opportunities for continued brand engagement, as attendees interact with the items you’ve contributed, share their experiences, and potentially spark conversations about your brand with others.

Diverse Lead Generation: Both exhibiting and contributing to the swag bag contribute to lead generation in different ways. Your booth allows you to engage with attendees in real-time, identify potential prospects, and nurture relationships. Meanwhile, the swag bag acts as a passive lead generation tool. Attendees who receive the bag are exposed to your brand, even if they haven’t interacted with you directly. This multi-faceted approach increases the chances of capturing leads from various sources and maximizes your potential for conversions.

Enhanced Brand Perception: Combining both strategies—exhibiting and contributing to the swag bag—enhances your brand perception. It demonstrates your commitment to providing value, engaging with the audience, and being an active participant in the event. The collective effort showcases your brand as proactive, thoughtful, and invested in creating a positive experience for attendees. This positive brand perception fosters trust, credibility, and potential long-term relationships with event participants.

Collaborative Opportunities: Exhibiting and contributing to the swag bag offers opportunities for collaboration with other event participants. Through both your booth interactions, you can identify potential partners, sponsors, or collaborators who align with your brand values and objectives. Additionally, by connecting with other contributors to the swag bag, you can explore opportunities for cross-promotion, joint marketing efforts, or strategic alliances. These collaborations expand your reach, diversify your audience, and create mutually beneficial relationships within your industry.

Exploring Virtual Exhibitor Options and Virtual Swag Bag Opportunities

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, virtual events have become a popular alternative to in-person gatherings. The NHA 75th Anniversary Celebration and Conference is no exception, as many exhibitors are opting for virtual options for both exhibiting and swag bag contributions.

Here are a few of the reasons the virtual options may be the best choice for you, especially if you are an organization aligned with the mission of the NHA (National Health Association).

CLICK HERE to learn more about the NHA vConference.

The target audience for the conference is perfect for any business that is plant-based, vegan or strives to reach this market.

Virtual Exhibitor Options: Virtual events offer a range of innovative opportunities for exhibitors to engage with attendees in a virtual environment. Instead of setting up a physical booth, exhibitors can create a virtual booth or online showcase. These virtual spaces allow you to present your products, services, and brand messaging through interactive features like videos, live chat, downloadable resources, and webinars. Virtual exhibitor options provide flexibility, reach, and accessibility, allowing you to connect with a wider audience and generate leads without the constraints of physical space.

Virtual Swag Bag Options: Just as physical events feature swag bags filled with goodies, virtual events offer virtual swag bag opportunities. Virtual swag bags can be curated with digital items such as e-books, whitepapers, discount codes, access to exclusive content, or virtual experiences. These items can be delivered electronically to attendees, either as part of their event registration or as a post-event follow-up. Virtual swag bags provide a tangible and memorable experience, offering attendees valuable resources and incentives while increasing brand exposure.

Benefits of Virtual Options: Choosing virtual exhibitor options and virtual swag bags for the NHA 75th Anniversary Celebration and Conference can bring numerous benefits. First, it allows exhibitors to reach a broader audience beyond geographical limitations, as attendees can join the event from anywhere in the world. Second, virtual options offer cost savings compared to physical booths and traditional swag bag production. Third, virtual platforms often provide data and analytics, allowing exhibitors to track engagement, measure ROI, and gather valuable insights for future marketing efforts.

Leveraging Technology for Engagement: Virtual exhibitors can leverage various technologies to enhance engagement with attendees. Utilize live chat features to interact with visitors in real-time, provide product demonstrations or virtual consultations, and answer questions. Consider hosting webinars or virtual presentations to share industry insights and thought leadership. Incorporate gamification elements to create interactive experiences, such as quizzes, challenges, or virtual scavenger hunts, which encourage attendees to explore your virtual booth and engage with your brand.

Personalizing Virtual Swag Bag Experiences: Virtual swag bags provide an opportunity to deliver personalized content and experiences to attendees. Tailor the digital items in the swag bag to match attendees’ preferences, interests, or job roles. Use data collected during registration or engagement to curate a customized selection of resources, offers, or virtual experiences that resonate with each individual. This personalized approach enhances the value and impact of the virtual swag bag, increasing attendee satisfaction and engagement.

Virtual exhibitor options and virtual swag bag opportunities have gained prominence, even at events like the NHA 75th Anniversary Celebration and Conference. By embracing these virtual alternatives, exhibitors can leverage technology, reach a wider audience, save costs, and provide personalized experiences to attendees. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, virtual options offer exciting possibilities for exhibitors to connect, engage, and make a memorable impact in the virtual event space.

In summary, both exhibiting and contributing to the swag bag are valuable strategies to maximize your brand exposure, provide a comprehensive brand experience, generate leads, enhance brand perception, and open doors for collaboration. Whether it’s in-person or virtually, by combining these approaches, you create a multi-faceted presence at the event, increasing your chances of success and leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

Join in on the NHA 75th Celebration and Conference to reach a very targeted group of participants. Interested in exploring this option? Reach out to the NHA Virtual Team at NHAvirtualteam (@)