To continue with the theme of Virtual SWAG Bag contributions, today I’m going deeper into what makes a high-value contribution.

Virtual SWAG Bags have become an increasingly popular way to engage and delight attendees of online events. These digital goody bags are filled with bonus gifts and special offers that add value to the virtual experience.

If you’re considering contributing to a virtual SWAG Bag, it’s essential to understand what makes a great gift that stands out from the rest. In this article, we will explore the key elements that make a virtual SWAG Bag gift truly exceptional.


The first and foremost criterion for a remarkable virtual SWAG Bag gift is relevance. Consider the target audience of the event and ensure your gift aligns with their interests, needs, and preferences. A gift that resonates with attendees and complements the event’s theme or purpose will be more appreciated and memorable.

Perceived Value

While virtual SWAG Bag gifts may not have a physical presence, they should still offer a high perceived value. This means providing something that attendees perceive as valuable and beneficial to them. It could be exclusive discounts, access to premium content, expert advice, or specialized resources. The perceived value should exceed the effort or cost required for attendees to access the gift.

Unique and Exclusive

To make your virtual SWAG Bag gift stand out, strive for uniqueness and exclusivity. Offer something that attendees cannot easily find elsewhere. It could be an exclusive e-book, a limited-time discount on a premium product or service, or access to a members-only community or event. By providing a distinct and exclusive gift, you create a sense of exclusivity and special treatment for SWAG Bag recipients.

Digital Accessibility

Since virtual SWAG Bags are delivered digitally, ensure that your gift is easily accessible and downloadable online. Consider formats such as PDFs, e-books, discount codes, digital memberships, or online courses. The gift should be user-friendly and readily available to attendees without any technical hurdles.

Actionable and Engaging

A great virtual SWAG Bag gift goes beyond providing passive content. Aim to offer something actionable and engaging that encourages attendees to take a specific action or participate further. It could be a challenge, a guided activity, a workshop, or an interactive webinar. By providing opportunities for active participation, you enhance the value and impact of your gift.

Brand Representation

Your virtual SWAG Bag gift is an opportunity to showcase your brand and create a lasting impression. Ensure that your gift represents your brand’s values, personality, and quality. Incorporate your brand’s logo, colors, or branding elements into the gift, reinforcing brand recognition and leaving a lasting positive impression on recipients.

Collaborative Opportunities

Consider offering virtual SWAG Bag gifts that open doors for future collaborations or partnerships. This could include invitations to exclusive networking events, joint ventures, or opportunities to connect with industry influencers. By fostering collaboration, you extend the value of your gift beyond the immediate event, creating potential long-term benefits for your business.


Contributing a remarkable virtual SWAG Bag gift requires careful consideration and strategic thinking. By focusing on relevance, perceived value, uniqueness, digital accessibility, engagement, brand representation, and collaborative opportunities, you can create a gift that captures the attention and appreciation of attendees. Remember, a great virtual SWAG Bag gift not only adds value to the event but also leaves a lasting impression, opening doors for future connections and opportunities.

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