The face of business is changing. In the past, seeking a job rarely involved sharing intimate details about your values. Sure, job seekers would talk about the typical values of honesty, integrity, or open-mindedness, but mentioning you were a vegan was not at all a part of the conversation.



Fast forward to today, and talking about one’s passion for a lifestyle choice, specifically being a vegan, can serve you in your job search. With a rise in businesses that identify as vegans, job seekers and consultants, speakers, coaches and digital nomads have incredible opportunity to find work that aligns with their deepest values.

In a recent conversation with Tania De Bruler, founder and CEO of Specilised HR Solutions, a company dedicated to matching vegan job seekers with organizations within the vegan industry, Tania shared powerful insights that any vegan job seeker will benefit from. Equally, companies who are seeking to grow within this industry, who may need information on HR systems and strategies, would be well served to visit

A highly content driven membership program for your HR needs, this is a great choice for start up organizations seeking answers and solutions to your most pressing HR questions and needs.

The HR Membership is a designated area for providing companies with access to a wealth of resources and tools to enable you to manage your employees effectively and efficiently. Available 24/7 to provide any support through the membership area.

During our conversation we talked about what job seekers can do, how companies can find candidates who are a great fit and much, much more.




  • Be in as many locations as possible as they align with your job goals.
  • Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date.
  • Connect with over 50 people a day on LinkedIn within the industry you want to work in.
  • Don’t spam decision makers (or anyone for that matter).
  • Your profile is essential to your success… put effort and time into developing it.
  • Read the job description carefully before submitting information.
  • Pay attention to details of the description.
  • Recruitment agencies can be a great choice.
  • Provide valuable content such as videos, articles, podcast interviews, and blog posts.
  • Connect with influencers on a regular basis.


LinkedIn Profile


  • Get reviews from a cross section of people.
  • Make sure your profile is up to date.
  • Showcase your skills and experience.
  • Get recommendations.




  • Avoid the Open For Work logo as it advertises you are unemployed.
  • On the flip side, look for the We Are Hiring organizations.
  • Look for the Vegan logo if you want to work with vegan organizations.


Tips for Start Ups


  • The person in charge of the team should be a leader more than a manager.
  • Hire someone who has an interest in doing things right.
  • Whomever is in leadership roles should have a good working knowledge of how to post on their social media platforms… or someone needs to post on their behalf.


For Consulting Firms


It’s important to position your organization as a low-risk proposition. A few questions worth answering are…

  • What is the perception you are creating?
  • Are you viewed as a small organization or a viable entity?
  • Determine if your company name is viewed as professional?
  • Use a business email and avoid a gmail or yahoo account


About Tania De Bruler


Tania De Bruler is a senior HR specialist and consultant who has worked for over 18 years in some of the UK’s leading organisations in the public and private sector. She has been an HR Manager, Business Partner and Director.

Tania established the UK’s first vegan and ethical HR Consultancy, Specialised HR Solutions, in 2013.

As an MCIPD qualified practitioner she has been the UK’s leading expert in effectively employing vegans for the last 10 years.

Tania also co-owns – a recruitment website for ethical businesses and charities to advertise jobs and for like-minded people to find work. She also mentors vegan and ethical business owners during the start-up phase.

Tania’s most recent venture is launching the first online membership HR service for vegan and ethical start-ups to have access to a wealth of HR tools, guides and advice around the clock.

Visit for more information. The program is priced very affordably for any size company.

When Tania isn’t working with clients, she is raising a beautiful little girl, who is very passionate about her vegan beliefs and rescues dogs. Tania enjoys restoring old properties, sympathetically and as sustainably as she can.


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