Low key by nature, TikTok mom, turned vegan mom influencer, Natasha Callahan has been shamed beyond her wildest dreams for simply sharing she is raising her infant daughter on a meat and dairy free diet. In other words, as a vegan.


Natasha is very clear that her baby is a healthy #veganbaby.

One video blew up and the shamers were relentless. With everything from “Call child protectives services,” to “It’s just wrong,” Natahsa, whose TikTok handle is @tasjrose, is taking it all in stride.

Natasha regularly posts fun and light-hearted TikTok videos, has found a great following who love what she’s doing. On the flip side, there are those who would rather see her deal with child services than ever put up another TikTok video. 

Curious by nature, Natasha heavily researches what’s best for her baby’s diet. 

Feeding different types of plant based foods for each meal, Natasha will not be deterred on her commitment to raise a healthy, meat and dairy free baby.

She can be found on TikTok at @tasjrose