To optimize your effectiveness (and revenues) with teleseminars, or any aspect of your product or service offerings, you not only need to know how to develop a great teleseminar you also need to know who is interested in your information, how to market your offerings and how you will sell.

Let’s begin with foundation. In virtually any marketing course, a primary area of discussion is defining your target market. Without knowing specifically who your market is, it is difficult to develop products and services your customers will be interested in and be willing to pay for.

 Here are a few considerations.

 Who is your market?
What do they want and need?

  1. What is their most
    challenging problem that you have a solution for?
  2. What keeps them awake
    at night?
  3. Is your expertise
    what they are looking?

 A consideration many
people never take into account is, “Who do you ideally want to do  business with?”

 Start from the space
of, “There are qualities I look for in my clients that will enhance our
working relationship.”


After all, you will
be putting time, energy and effort into any working relationship. Why not make
them the most enjoyable relationships you can?


This is just the
beginning. The challenge many professionals have is they have not taken the
time to identify who wants and needs what they have to offer, but who they
ideally want to work with.


Without knowing this
you may drastically miss the mark. Take time up front to do your homework so
that you will benefit your market over the long run and have a great time doing


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