If I could sum up making money with teleseminars in 3 steps, here’s what they would be:

  • Host
    a teleseminar
  • Record
    the session
  • Have
    the recording transcribed


It doesn’t matter
what type of business you have, teleseminars can be one of the most essential
offerings you make to your current and potential clients.


A more in-depth look
at each step would be the following:


Host a teleseminar

All you need to do in
order to host the teleseminar is secure a bridge line and let potential
listeners know you are hosting the call. If you are just starting out you can
use a free service like Free Conference Calls. Simply do a Google search to
access their website.


Record the session

If there is one thing
you need to make a regular part of your teleseminar process it is to record the
session. Do this from the very first one your offer. There are lots of things
you can do with the recording including offering the MP3 as a bonus gift, sell
the recording, bundle it with other products to create added value for any
products you sell.


Have the recording transcribed

As with recording
each session, I highly recommend you get the recordings transcribed. This may
seem an unnecessary expense to those who are new to offering teleseminars, but
the transcripts can be developed into other products.


The transcripts can
be given out the same as with the MP3 files. You can also turn the transcripts
into a very valuable report. Some people make great money from this one


You can turn the
transcripts into a chapter for a book or eBook. You can take portions and turn
them into articles, blog postings and tweets.


The possibilities are
endless. The key though is to get started as soon as possible offering
teleseminars to your market.

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