Many people utilize teleseminars to market their products and services as well as sell on the backend. By far, teleseminars are one of the greatest tools available to accomplish both.

Unfortunately, many people set about to launch a teleseminar without a solid plan in place. One of the first considerations (beyond who your market is) would be to determine what type of teleseminar to offer.

Types of teleseminars you can offer are:

  • Preview calls
  • FAQ calls
  • Expert interviews
  • Paid sessions
  • Free sessions
  • Corporate trainings
  • Open to the public
  • Private sessions
  • Membership benefit sessoins
  • Affiliate training calls

Many experts prefer a preview call as a way to introduce paid teleseminar programs as well as an introduction to their other products and services.

A preview call is just what it sounds like. People get a taste of what a paid course will be about.

However, to have a successful preview call, you need listeners, a content driven call and a plan on what you will be selling on the backend.

Regardless of the type of teleseminar you host or participate in, many of the steps to create and develop one will be similar.  However, how you promote a session is determined by whether it is open to the public, free, fee based or used as an added value tool for existing clients.