When you ask many people online how many types of teleseminars there are many people stop at one or two. Actually, there are dozens of types of teleseminars and reasons to host one.

Regardless of the type of teleseminar you host or participate in, many of the steps to create and develop one will be similar.  However, how you promote a session is determined by whether it is open to the public, free, fee based or used as an added value tool for existing clients. Some of the different types are:


  • Preview calls

  • FAQ calls

  • Expert interviews

  • Paid sessions

  • Free sessions

  • Corporate trainings

  • Open to the public

  • Private sessions

  • Membership benefit sessions

  • Affiliate training calls

For many small business owners such as consultants, coaches, speakers and authors a preview call is going to be one of the most popular types that you offer.

Basically a preview call is just what it sounds like. People get a taste of what a paid course will be about.

Another purpose for teleseminars is to address the areas your existing customers have a lot of questions about. Say you have customers who seem to be asking the same questions over and over about your products and services. Here’s something very simple to do. You host the call, invite your existing clients, record the call and when new clients come on board, they get the recording. This is great added value to your customer care.

Say you are a nutritionist and you sell a very unique type of nutrition program. When your clients buy your program they get an instant download of the most common questions they will likely have.

Another type of teleseminar is expert interviews. These are great in that you can bring an incredible amount of value to your market. An expert series is one of the most beneficial types of teleseminars for anyone who wants to bring top level information to their market.

Your opportunity to utilize teleseminars in your business is only limited by your imagination.

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