Holding live workshops and seminars are a good way to build a business. However due to current economic trends, the traditional methods of holding and conducting workshops make it very difficult to execute and get participation. In addition, the costs involved in getting a venue, audio visual aids and providing refreshments for the participants make it quite expensive and there are many factors that could prevent the event from being successful and profitable.

This explains why businesses are gradually moving towards teleseminars as a way of holding workshops and training sessions. All the attendees have to do is dial in to the conference line or click onto a website URL and listen and view the presentation.

The cost of holding a teleseminar is fairly reasonable. I have actually generated close to $20,000 on several occasions with an investment of between $50 – $100.

Why People Like Teleseminars
Participants like them because they can join in from anywhere in the world without having to travel. If the call is recorded they can listen at their leisure.

For organizations and online businesses, teleseminars are more than just sales pitch; they provide a unique route to building a business.

You can effectively use teleseminars to demonstrate how to use a product, conduct training, hold group coaching sessions, answer questions, recruit people, or provide tips so that people get more information on the product or service you are offering. Additionally, teleseminars are great lead generators.

Have a Plan in Place

However, before rushing to hold a teleseminar, make sure you have a plan in place. Teleseminars are an important aspect of marketing a business. In order to promote your business and help it grow, you need to take a long-term approach. This is the only way you can build a reputation as an expert and in the process build your business.

Here’s a very simple strategy. Hold a  teleseminar each month to offer help, advice and disseminate valuable information that is of interest to your current and prospective clients.

Make sure you offer valuable knowledge and insights. Once people realize the value of these teleseminars you have positioned yourself as someone they can trust and will want to do business with.

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Kathleen Gage is an Internet Marketing Advisor for speakers, authors, coaches and consultants who are ready to turn the knowledge into money making products and services.