“What you think of me after I share my story is none of my business,” Lisa Nichols.
I heard Lisa make this comment on a podcast interview she did a while ago. If you don’t know who Lisa Nichols is, she is the author of several New York Times bestselling books, a highly successful speaker and coach and a woman who is very transparent in sharing her life story. 
Her story includes having to wrap her son in towels as diapers because, at one point, she couldn’t buy diapers. Her story also includes the fact that the father of her baby is in prison and has been for decades. 
For a long time, she didn’t want to share this information, but realized, it was her story that gave people hope. Sure, it was also her story that gave some people permission to judge her, but she came to realize, no matter what your story, there will be those who are inspired and those who judge. It’s a fact of life. 
Unfortunately, many people keep their story very well protected to minimize the judgement. By doing this, they also miss untold opportunity to inspire others by not sharing their story.
One of the best ways to share your story is with podcast interviews. Will every show host want to hear your story? Absolutely not. But when you find hosts that do, it’s magical.

Finding Opportunities

The process for finding interviews is pretty straightforward. You can search for shows on iTunes, Google, Blog Talk Radio and social media. The simplicity is the good news.
The bad news is that you’re not the only one searching for opportunities. Top shows can get dozens, even hundreds, of requests a DAY!
As much as you want the right shows to appear on, hosts definitely want the right guest on their show. “Right guest” doesn’t necessarily mean famous. It simply means you are engaging, a good fit for the genre and niche of the show, the audience will find you interesting and you have a great story to tell.
One of the most important things to do is research the show before you inquire about being a guest. To not do so is like throwing mud on the wall and hoping something will stick.
The more of a match you are, the more likely you will be invited onto the show.
Best part of all, the more you interview on the right shows, the more you story is told and the more opportunity you create to be on other shows.
A little recognized fact is that hosts listen to other hosts shows. They often find some of their best guests by doing so. And again, I’m not talking famous guests. I’m talking about experts who have an interesting story to tell.

Ready to Tell Your Story?

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