Have you ever wondered…
How can I focus on writing and publishing instead of constantly promoting my books?
How can I get consistent sales of full priced books instead of just short term spikes during promotions?
How can my book stand out when there are SO many competing books on Amazon and it feels like pulling teeth to get sales?
How do I get reviews and build my audience FAST if I’m starting from scratch?
Where can I outsource the work I don’t want to do?

You have to have a plan

The fact is, if you don’t have a plan, your chances of success are a lot harder.
Your plan has to include a timeline, automation, and reviews. Without these three elements, you are on an uphill climb.
Take reviews. There are a number of ways to get reviews with two of the best ways being, to ask and to write a really good book.

Yet, there is more.

One person who definitely knows about reviews and selling lots of books is my friend and 7x bestselling author Derek Doepker.
Derek shares a common goal that I have; to teach as many authors as possible how to market the smart way and sell lots of books in the process.
When you do this, it equates to great rankings on Amazon.
Imagine if you could put a huge part of your marketing on autopilot. You can! And Derek is going to show you how.
Actually, Derek is joining me on March 14th for a content filled live training called,  Automatic Book Sales System
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With one strategy, he had an extra $3,505 in book sales in less than 8 weeks with less than two hours of work a week!
If you want 1,001 ways to market your book, this isn’t for you.
If you want to 80/20 concepts, the 20% that leads to 80% of your results…
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