Guest blog post from Noah St. John
Whenever you’re trying to change your life—for example, make more money, find a more fulfilling career, attract your soul mate, improve your health, lose weight, and so forth—what you’re really trying to do is create a new reality for yourself. Let’s illustrate that by saying that you want to go from your current reality to a new reality.
The funny thing about reality, though, is that all reality is perceived reality. Another way of saying that is: perception is reality to the perceiver.
For example, let’s say you have a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan and a die-hard New York Yankees fan, and they’re in the same room watching the Red Sox play the Yankees. (I have no idea why they’re in the same room, but still.) Are these two people going to see the same game?
The answer is, of course, yes and no.
Yes, they are watching the same set of circumstances that occur on the field—a guy on one team gets a hit, someone on the other team strikes out, and so on.
But no, they are not watching the same game at all! That’s because one of them will celebrate whenever “his” team gets a hit, while the other one will moan in pain. One of them will high-five his friends (who also root for “his” team) when “their” team wins, while the fan of the other one will mope around for days because “his” team lost.
That’s why perception is reality to the perceiver.
Going back to our example, here’s what’s really happening when you’re trying to change your life:
1. Right now you are living in what I call your Cur- rent Perceived Reality (CPR). In your CPR, you have what you have, you know what you know, you do what you do, and you are what you are. This is your Current Perceived Reality—and to you, your perception is reality. There is nothing else. It is your own little universe.
2. What you want is to be someplace else. You want to change something about your life (get a new result). For instance, you want to change your weight, your finances, your health, your relationships, your level of fame, your sphere of influence, your lifestyle, or any number of other things. That “someplace else” is what I call your New Desired Reality (NDR).
3. Between your CPR and your NDR lies what I call your Belief Gap: the space between where you perceive you are right now (your CPR) and what it will be like when you arrive “someplace else” (your NDR).
Here’s a picture to illustrate what I’m talking about:
How big is your Belief Gap? That depends on a number of things: how long you’ve been in your CPR; how hard you think it will be to get to your NDR; how many of your friends tell you, “It’s impossible,” when you tell them your dreams; and so on.
Also, you probably have different Belief Gaps for different results you want to realize in your life. For ex- ample, you may think it’s really hard to lose 20 pounds, but really easy to make an extra $10,000 a month. Or you may think losing 20 pounds is a piece of cake (pun intended), but to make an extra $10,000 a month is well nigh impossible!
Bottom line? Until you cross your individual Belief Gap for each result, outcome, or experience you want in your life, it will be very difficult for you to make the leap to reach the new life and create the new reality you desire.
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