Are you like most authors (or wanna be authors) who dream of having a successful book, but do very little, if anything, to market your book?
The sad truth is, the majority of authors will never fulfill their dream of making money writing. It’s not because there’s no money to be made. It’s because the author lives with the illusion they will somehow get discovered.
Or, they spend all their time writing and never focus on marketing. Sure, if all they want to do is write and money is not important, more power to them. But for most writers, myself included, making money is important.

Revenues is Part Of Being a Professional Writer

I write for a few reasons.

  • One, to teach and make a difference.
  • Two, I cannot not write. It’s part of my DNA.
  • Three, it’s closely connected to my business process.
  • Four, it generates revenues both directly and indirectly.

Generating revenues is essential to any author who plans to be a professional writer. The difference between a professional and amateur writer is whether we make money at what we do.

Helping Authors Succeed

A big part of what I do is work with those who want to move from amateur status to professional. To this end, I provide lots of great information that, when implemented, will help authors sell more books.
One such resource is my FREE report – Hit #1 On Amazon report. Not only do I share essential information on what to do with your Amazon listings, I give rock solid marketing strategies to drive traffic to your book(s) on Amazon.
What shocks me though are the number of people who will request a resource (whether they get it for free or they pay for it) and never use it. As with marketing their books, it’s as if they believe they will somehow succeed simply by requesting the resource.
I liken this to joining a gym, working out once or twice, stopping and then wondering why nothing in their weight, energy or health has changed.
Maybe it’s someone who wants to have a well-behaved dog. They enroll in a class, show up, do the work while in class but never do the homework. Chances are, the material is not going to work.
Again, most authors (or wanna be authors)  dream of having a successful book, but do very little, if anything, to market their book.

Get the Report

In the Hit #1 report you have, at your fingertips, powerhouse information to market your books. If you don’t market, you don’t sell. It’s really that simple.
Here’s the deal though… it’s up to you to access the information in the report. From there, it’s up to you to implement the info.
Imagine if you did something every day to get the word out about your book(s).
I love marketing books. Actually, not just books. I love marketing workshops (check out, information products and anything that that gives people the resources need to grow their market reach, visibility and revenues.
One way virtually anyone can increase their value to their market (while achieving all the other things listed above) is to blog.  A huge part of my blog efforts are to educate authors and aspiring authors.
Check out a recent post on using Twitter to market your books.
Have a great day and remember, if you don’t market your books, people won’t find them. If they don’t find them, they don’t buy there. Simple formula and common sense.