Recently, many states lifted the mandates of the quarantine and stay-at-home orders.

For some, the past couple of months have been a time of reflection and much needed change. They benefited greatly from alone time.

Some have mourned the loss of a loved one due to COVID-19, vowing to do all they can to minimize their risks and the risk of their loved ones.





Many considered what they could do to live a healthier life. More than any other time, people have chosen to give up animal and dairy based foods due to discovering how truly unhealthy (deadly) these foods are.

Some restructured their businesses by streamlining operations. Many evaluated expenses that were bogging them down and determined how they could pay off old debt.

Still others let go of activities that no longer served them to embrace a more minimalist way of life. While others introduced new product and services offerings to their customers.

Families found ways to enjoy time together in close quarters. Millions found their way to prayer and meditation for the first time in years, while others deepened their spiritual and religious practices.


Waiting to Exhale


For others, actually millions of others, during the quarantine, they waited and waited and waited for the day the restrictions would be lifted so they could “get on with their life.” The minute the restrictions were lifted, they immediately went back to old behaviors as if nothing life-changing ever occurred.

These people were basing the quality of their life on outside factors, missing an incredible opportunity to make changes they may have been thinking of for some time, but now the time has passed.

To say it was shocking to see people going right back into old behaviors is an understatement. It’s alarming.

People were not practicing any of the COVID-19 prevention guidelines. There was no social distancing, no masks to be seen on anyone, excessive drinking, people hugging and hanging on to one another.

In some ways, there were those who looked like they had been caged animals and finally found their freedom.

Those who are still adhering to the guidelines are frustrated and angry. Yet, should we really be surprised?

Human nature is such that we do not like restrictions put on us, even if those restrictions are in our best interest.

In my opinion, some of the restrictions are reasonable while others are downright crazy. Yet, ask ten people what they think, and you are likely to get ten opinions of what is right and wrong. Even those in the medical profession and in science can’t agree on some points.

Some of the restrictions are in our best interest, while others are a great way to attempt control of the masses. Don’t believe this? Then pay attention to the news, the ads played during the news broadcast and the headlines and stories repeated over and over for shock value.


Human Behavior Can Be Tough to Change… even if it’s deadly


Recently, while cooking dinner, the television was on in the front room. I perked up when I heard a story on the news about a young man who killed two siblings while driving drunk. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, least of all the young many (22 years old) this happened.

The man that was responsible for this accident, the drunk driver, was on probation for drunk driving. Only a short while ago, he had been arrested, fined and warned the next time he did this, it would mean jail-time.

The fine and stern warning weren’t enough to stop him from driving under the influence one more time. This time, he can’t take back what he did. He can’t wish it away. He can’t wake up from this nightmare of knowing he could have prevented this from happening… had he heeded the warnings.

The point being, he didn’t heed the warning signs. He had a major problem with drinking. One that will now haunt him for the rest of his life.


Food Choices DO Matter


In another story, there were statistic given in the rise in obesity, diabetes and heart disease in the United States. All contributing factors to complications with COVID-19.  All preventable in a great many cases. Yet, people are not paying heed to the warnings.

With heart disease, nearly 700,000 people in the United States will die from complications with their heart.

As with many diseases, changing one’s diet would dramatically reduce the risk of premature death. Yet, people continue on, eating foods that have been linked to disease, ignoring the warnings.

So why are we so surprised when people ignore the obvious dangers of many behaviors that put them, and their loved ones, at risk?

Because as a general rule, most people are not going to change. In the case of COVID, people did change for a short period of time. They were in panic. They were willing to do what they could do to prevent from dying.

But when the restrictions were lifted and they were asked to use common sense, it flew out the window faster than most people were prepared for.

While millions have taken a deep look at the quality of life they desire and made healthy changes that will last for years to come, others have not.


The GREAT Awakening is Upon Us


The bottom line is this, the GREAT awakening is upon us. It’s a time when some will take full responsibility for their choices and actions while others will continue to go about their business as if they have no say in the quality of their life.

You can choose where you reside. Are you someone who believes this is how things are and you just have to accept it? Or are you among those who are experiencing The GREAT Awakening?