In the years I have been involved in Internet marketing the four top myths I see are:

1. The Internet is a get rich quick proposition.
2. You have to be a techie to make money.
3. Nobody will buy on the Internet.
4. Everybody is my market. Here is my response to each.

Get Rich Quick You CAN make incredible amounts of money on the Internet, but it is not about getting rich quick. If you want to do well and make great money you have to treat this like a business. You have to lay a proper foundation, build your market reach, your visibility and your crediblity. This takes time, focus, training and commitment.

You have to be a techie to make money
This is absolutely not true. Many of us who are very skilled at marketing may not have a techie background (nor do we want one). Many solopreneurs think they have to know how to do everything from A – Z.
Much of what you think you have to do can be outsourced. However, before you outsource you need to establish a few key things. Know your reasons for outsourcing; know what your ROI will be for money invested; and what you will do with the time that if available as a result of someone taking on a given job.
Here’s an example of what I mean. When I first began marketing on the Internet many years ago, I posted my articles to directories myself. As my business grew, it became counterproductive for me to do this. It was much more cost effective for me to hire a virtual assistant to take this off my plate. The time that was made available as a result of outsourcing allowed me to focus on other aspects of growing my business such as writing, developing programs, hosting teleseminars, and mentoring my clients.
Nobody will buy on the Internet

Unless someone has been living with blinders on they know people buy on the Internet. What someone usually means by this is “Nobody will buy from me.”
There are a number of factors as to why someone does or does not purchases from someone.
– Is what you are offering of high value to the buyer?
– Are you marketing to the right market?
– Three, is your pricing appropriate?
– Four, are you asking for the sale?
– Are you conveying the benefits your product or service offers?
-Is your website, blog or sales page set up in a way that it is easy for someone to make a buying decision?
Just because you have a great product or service doesn’t mean people will buy it. It has to be packaged, marketed and delivered in an enticing fashion.
Everybody is my market.
If everyone is your market than nobody is your market. The more general you are the less likely people will be able to clearly identify if you are a solution to their problem. Thinking everyone is your market is more common than most people realize and may be one of the main reason someone is struggling in their business. The more you can clearly identify your market the better off everyone will be.
One way to make great money on the Internet is to host free teleseminars. It’s not just a matter of hosting a call that will make you successful at this strategy. You have to know how to develop your teleseminars, market them, ask for the sale, provide high content and much more. To learn how you can do this register for my FREE teleseminar, The Truth About Making Money with Teleseminars. It takes place at 3 p.m. Pacific on Tuesday, August 5th.
Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer