I just finished a conversation with yet another person who is feeling the pinch of the current economic situation. When I asked what the specific problem is they said, “Business is way down, people are not spending like they used to and we fear for the future.”

I then asked what they were doing to market their business and website.

“We are continuing to post the items we have for sell,” they lamented.

“What about marketing? What are you doing to bring awareness to your business and your site?” I pushed.

“What can I do? We don’t have money to market,” they commented with an obvious air of frustration.

There are plenty of things that can be done to market your business that cost virtually nothing. Nothing that is, but time.

The fact is, many people are going deeper and deeper into a space of despair, frustration and resignation around the outward appearances of what is currently happening in the world. They see things as they appear to be, accepting that things are just the way they are and there’s not a lot they can do about it; often to the point of emotional immobilization.

Granted, there may be some aspects of what is happening that we have no control of. owev On the other hand, there may be an incredible amount we can do.

If you are overwhelmed and feel  you are drowning in all that is going on here are a few recommendations you might want to immediately implement.

1.       Conduct an honest assessment of where you and your business are at.

2.       Determine your priorities in order to have a more productive day, week and month.

3.       Be willing to let go of activities that are time wasters rather than results producers.

4.       Put together a list of ways you can market your business.

5.       Commit to implementing a minimum of two things a day you can do to market your business.

6.       Begin your day by marketing rather than going right into email to see what new messages you received. The emails will be there when you have completed you marketing tasks.

7.       Watch your language patterns. You may be absent mindedly thinking or saying things like, “This is terrible. It has never been this bad. What am I going to do if I lose my business?”

8.       Post affirmations around you of what the ideal situation would be like. “Business is good. Customers love doing business with me. I love my customers and clients.” With this step, feel the feeling of what these statements mean.

It is very easy to get caught up in what is wrong to the point of immobilization. The only person who has control over how you respond to the current situation is you.

The question that begs to be asked is, “What are you willing to do differently to change your current reality?”

If you say nothing can be done, you are SO right. That’s because you believe this to be true.

If on the other hand, you are willing to get outside of your comfort zone and do things differently, you will likely be amazed at the result.

Oh yes; one other thing. Affirm in the space of gratitude the good that surrounds you. If you make a sale of $10, get excited and give thanks. Avoid saying, “Shoot, it was only $10. That won’t fix anything.”

The fact is, enough $10 sales can generate a complete shift in your business.