I consider myself to be very grounded in logic. As well, I understand the principles and energy around the law of attraction. As such, on Facebook I belong to business groups, spiritual groups, groups that talk about manifesting and health and well-being groups.
Often, in the spiritual groups there are discussions about how to manifest one’s dreams. This is a topic that always seems to spark a lot of interest. It’s as if people are waiting for some untold secret on how we manifest what we want.
In a recent post I read, “Does anyone have recent blog posts or new offerings they would like to share with other members that might assist in the creation and manifestation of their dreams? Please post anything you think might help others!”
My response, “One of the best ways to manifest what we want is to “do the work.” I mean that sincerely in that a lot of people think it’s only a matter of “thinking” about what they want. In reality, you have to have the actions behind the thoughts and the more focused the actions, the better.”
It’s amazing how many people do whatever they can to avoid “the work.” I see this with authors who want to get their books in the hands of hundreds, even thousands, of readers. They put time into writing their book with very little, if any, thought on how they are going to market the book.
They visualize their book reaching #1 on Amazon, but fail to take daily action to make this happen.
They create vision boards filled with images of their book being featured in top publications, but never send out a media release.
They dream of selling books during speaking engagements, but don’t reach out to meeting planners and organizations where they would be welcomed with open arms to present their material.
The fact is, vision boards and visualization work… if you put the actions behind your vision. As an author, you have to map out a plan of action and then work the plan.
It’s not a matter of simply writing the book. Nor is it a matter of “omming” your way to the top of the charts.
Now before anyone defends the need to work on the invisible level, I DO know how powerful this is. I also know that the invisible, coupled with the visible, gets you a lot closer to your outcome than simply wishing for your book to get in the hands of lots of readers.
A few considerations for marketing your book are:

  • Amazon preparation including your Author Central page as well as well thought out keyword selection for your book description and categories.
  • Media releases sent out to online media sources as well as those in your local market and industry specific media.
  • A formal launch to let your community know you have a new book.
  • A book website.
  • Social media marketing to include blog posts, tweets, wall postings, infographics and video trailers.

There’s so much that can be done to make readers aware of your book. The type of readers who are eager to buy every new book you write.
If you dream of selling lots of books, the quickest route to manifesting your dream is to “do the work.” And do it frequently, consistently and with extreme focus.
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