As an expert, you are in a great position to reach people with your message by being a featured guest on podcast shows. But it takes more than simply talking about “you” that makes for an outstanding experience for the host and viewers and listeners. Create value by sharing more than “buy my thing.”
There is ample opportunity to be featured on shows. Over the last month, I’ve been on dozens of shows sharing insights about being featured on podcast shows, plant based eating, living life fully, how to grow a consulting business and more. When I appear on the shows I’m not focused on selling anything. Rather, I’m focused on creating value. By creating this kind of value, audience members will visit my Amazon page, my website, my blogs and search me out on social media. The same can happen to you.
One of my clients can track $8,000 in revenue to a single podcast appearance. She did an interview on a show specific to her expertise and shortly thereafter had sign ups for a retreat she was hosting. When she asked how the people heard about her, they told her it was the interview she did.

She and I are now working together to find other “perfect fit” shows for her to appear on. Actually, she is in my 100 Club Mastermind for the second time because of how valuable appearances are for her.
Hands downs, podcast interviews are one of the best ways to reach more of your market in the shortest amount of time.
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