The following is an article written by Willie Crawford. It is well worth reading in that he shares what the Greatest secret to Internet Marketing is. You may be surprised of what you will read.
The Single GREATEST Internet Marketing Secret
Copyright 2009 by Willie Crawford
During my 12 1/2 years online I’ve heard numerous people say “There are no secrets in Internet marketing.” They say that primarily because they haven’t discovered any that radically changed their world.
I believe that there are internet marketing secrets… things that the really successful marketers know and do that average and failing marketers don’t. Many of these can be readily observed, so while they are secrets they’re not hidden.
Often, it’s those things staring us right in the face that are the biggest keys to success. The key is that successful people don’t discount those things just because they are obvious.
So, what IS the biggest secret, or key to online success, that I’ve discovered in the past 12 1/2 years?
It’s that people really do buy from people that they know, like and trust.
They also do joint ventures with people that they know, like and trust.
The secret is that we all like to help “our friends.” That also means that the secret is to be a genuine friend.
The secret is that while you may be trying to reach as many customers as you can, if you don’t actually form some deep one-on-one relationships, your business probably won’t grow very much.

In an email, a year ago, a well-known internet marketer predicted a shakeout in the industry. His ominous warning was that the key to your survival would be to form strategic alliances.
Fast-forward a year, and an internet marketing friend that I had coffee with recently commented with disdain on “the guru club.” Like many, this friend had noticed that unless you are a member of that circle, it’s very difficult to get them to promote one of your products.
A core group of top Internet marketers has formed a strategic alliance and do promote mostly each other’s products. It’s not impossible for an “outsider” to get a product promoted by them but it IS difficult.
What’s the solution to that problem?
It’s really quite simple. You spend time getting to know a few like-minded Internet marketers and you form you OWN “guru club” or “mastermind group” or just a group of marketers who share similar values. Then, you work together on projects where appropriate.
That very concept is what caused me to start a membership website called “The Internet Marketing Inner Circle” back in 2006. I actually interviewed most of the top internet marketers of the day, asking what their success secrets were. I also asked them very bluntly, how does an unknown get to joint venture with them.
Every single one of those very successful marketers indicated that the key is to form a true relationship with them first. They all admitted that, like most humans, they preferred helping their friends.
How do you REALLY get to know other online marketers anyway?
The single best way is to attend seminars or mastermind sessions with them. I’ve probably attended over 50 Internet marketing seminars since 2002. December 2002 was when I attended my first one. That event completely changed my Internet marketing path. I walked away from that seminar CONNECTED with Dr. Bob Silber, Marty Foley, Ramon Williamson, John Reese, Fred Gleeck, Jonathan Mizel, Frank Garon, and a few others.
Those individuals all mentored me, teaching me things that it would have taken me a very long time to discover on my own. Many of them also did joint ventures with me…I co-created products with many of them 🙂
So, the secret is to get out and actually meet a few fellow marketers face to face. Look a few people in the eye, and get a feel for whether or not they are the people that you’d like to form long-term business relationships with. Then follow-up with them and build those true relationships.
I’m hosting the ideal gathering to get you started the weekend of March 27th – 29th, in Orlando, Florida. I’m turning 50 years old, and many of my friends will be gathering for a HUGE birthday celebration. A dozen of my friends, people like Stephen Pierce, Lynn Terry, Kathleen Gage and Mark Hendricks, will be actually teaching some of their secrets formally… from the stage.
You are invited to this gathering where I will facilitate as many introductions as practical.
You’ll leave that weekend knowing several hundred online marketers, and more importantly, several hundred online marketers will know you.
If you don’t appreciate the power of that, let me share that when busy people don’t know you, it’s difficult just getting their attention. When they really KNOW you, your emails jump out at them in their inboxes, and they happily read them.
Isn’t that true of how you read emails. Don’t you read those from your friends with a smile on your face?
So, to harness “The Single GREATEST Internet Marketing Secret” RSVP for my birthday bash

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I’ll see you in Orlando. Bring business cards, a digital camera, and your projects. Come prepared to form some true business relationships 🙂
Willie Crawford has been helping others build successful online businesses since 1996. Many of today’s leading marketers are his students. Tap into their collective wisdom and friendship by clicking here.

A note from Kathleen: I look forward to you joining me in Orlando. Be sure to introduce yourself and join me on Sunday morning for my presentation.