The word WHY is so packed full of energy it can either set you up for success or move you closer to failure. Here’s why…
Some people ask “Why Me?Others ask, “What’s my Why?” 
When you ask “Why Me?” you tend to dis-empower yourself. When you ask, “What’s my Why?” you tend to have a reason to take the actions necessary to accomplish something that may seem impossible to those around you, but you’re absolutely committed to an outcome to the core of your being.
 Are you someone who lives on the “why me” side of the fence or the “What is my Why?” side of the fence. 
Find out more about my BIG WHY in this short video.

When you have a mission, you are driven by your BIG WHY! When you have a BIG WHY you want to do all you can to fulfill your purpose.
For example, Hal Elrod’s mission is to raise the consciousness of men and women (and young people) one person at a time. Rather than sit back and hope people’s consciousness is raised, Hal takes a very proactive approach to getting his message out. Amazingly, one of the ways he does this is to be interviewed on podcast shows.
My BIG WHY is to inspire, through example, men and women around the globe to live a life of vibrancy. This wasn’t always the case for me. There was a time my BIG WHY was to get as drunk as possible.  I missed a lot of life when that was my big why. When you’re in a blackout, you don’t remember things. When you don’t remember, you miss out.
Today, my BIG WHY is so very different.
I have the opportunity to share my mission and message with people around the globe through the power of podcast interviews. Actually, my big why leads into another mission: to help experts gain massive visibility through the power of podcast interviews.
If you want to hear my story of how I came from a place that was empty, lost and a blur to the life I live now, check out a recent interview I did for “Heroes Like You” hosted by Joe Belliston.
During the interview I revealed something I rarely talk about, but it was very appropriate for this show.. Here’s the short description about the episode.

From the Streets to Success

In her 20’s Kathleen was living on the streets addicted to alcohol and drugs. She now owns a successful business, writes books, runs marathons, and rescues animals…and that’s just getting started. In this episode, Kathleen teaches us how she was able to break through her darkest times and gives us tools we can use to overcome our own adversity.
Click here to listen…

100 Club

Imagine sharing your story with people around the globe. If you have a mission that’s important to you, podcast interviews are definitely a way to do so.

Now imagine doing 100 interviews. How much of an impact could you have?
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