When I began my journey into the world of Internet marketing in the late 90’s, things were very different than they are today. Back then, there was very little competition, the methods we used were very archaic compared to today’s “slick” methods, and you actually looked forward to receiving emails announcing something.
Today, most of us are so overwhelmed that to have a day when we don’t get a bunch of “junk” mail is a glorious day. Everyday there is the next great idea, next “must attend” event and next “have to read” ebook or report.
Sadly, for many people trying to market online, they are simply going for numbers.  They seem to have forgotten there is a real person behind the email address they are sending something to. The fact is, things have become so dang impersonal.

You and I both know we are inundated with a bunch of junk every single day. People copy what others are doing, thinking this is the formula for success.
The true formula for success is to learn from those who are succeeding (have successful mentors) but to not lose sight of your own personality.
It isn’t just a matter of slamming people with a message and the rest takes care of itself. You have to take care of the end user. You have to continually create incredible value and others have to know you are doing what you are doing for more than simply making a sale.
Those of us who know that are those who continue to sustain a meaningful business year after year.
Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to build a very successful online business. Over the years, I have also met lots of people who want to do the same, but are not willing to put in the effort to do so. I can tell you, it take time, effort and yes, money, to build your business. Some people just aren’t willing to invest any of this.
If that describes you, you may as well quit reading this because the rest of this message is for those people who know that building a business online is similar to building a business offline. You have to bring quality to your market. It’s NOT a matter of throwing something together and you suddenly make a bunch of money.  It is a matter of bringing something of value to your market.
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