It’s likely you’ve heard of people setting a theme for the coming year. Whether it be a word or  phrase, setting a theme is simply a way to have a clear intention for the New Year.

Yet, like resolutions, many people set their theme with the best of intentions, only to get caught up in day-to-day activities and within months, sometimes weeks or days, lose focus.

A theme is a great idea, but if we lose sight, what’s the use?

Success at anything, including your theme, requires a true commitment.

Themes can be life changing. Some of the most common themes are:

  • Gratitude
  • Abundance
  • Love
  • Connection
  • Fearlessness
  • Health

Countless individuals have chosen one of these words for their theme for 2018.

Shattering Limits

Themes can be more than one word. My theme for 2018 is “Shattering Limits.”

Simply put, I want to go beyond what I believe I am capable of. I want to stretch myself. I want to give life my all.

The older I get, the more I realize that most limits I have are self-imposed. They start with my thinking.

I also know that when I make a public declaration with my community I tend to hold myself very accountable. Thus, the reason for writing this post.

Going public tends to cut off all other possibilities.

As Lisa Nichols says, “Your commitment has to be non-negotiable.”

This means, no matter what, you will do whatever it takes to create the change.

According to 87-year-old author of The Happiness Handbook and man of many talents, David Lee, “The easiest thing to do is to stay just like you are. For the most part major change is gradual. It takes time. Your incredibly powerful brain must literally change its physical structure. Just like you can build up your muscles through gradual exercise, it takes time. So, patience is the word of the day.”

Don’t Give Up

Yet, how often do we find ourselves getting bored and giving up or finding excuses not to do what we say we want to do.

On the surface it may be easier to find excuses to stay as we are, but when you dig deep, if you want to have the kind of life you say you want, you must find reasons why nothing will stop you.  Once you begin your journey of change, it is easier to stay the course of improvement than stay the path of mediocrity.

Keep in mind, you are the one who knows what you are willing to do. And as the old saying goes, “Our actions speak louder than our words.”

Some believe that aging means we have to slow down. For me, I believe aging allows me to discover other things I can do to have an incredibly vital life.

My Upcoming Year

As the year begins, I want to push myself to be the best I can be. I am committed to living in a higher level of awareness and consciousness.

In that this is the first day of 2018, I started my day by giving thanks for the bed I woke up in, the roof over my head, the tea I brewed to enjoy time reading and preparing myself mentality and spiritually for the day to come.

Once up, I fed the horses, opened the chicken coup, fed Gypsy our cat, and Chance our sweet dog.

I then sat in my favorite chair with a hot cup of tea, wrapped in my favorite blanket to do my morning reading.

My choice of reading comes out of The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price. I have chosen to do the 40-day prosperity process outlined in this powerful book.

I enjoy the God source that opens up an abundance of opportunities every single day.

One area I am so blessed in is my health. It allows me to enjoy an activity that centers me and gives me great joy…running.

Today, I joined hundreds of people in the Eugene area for the First Run.

Some walked, some ran either for the 5k or 10k. I chose the 10k. We enjoyed this experience in 32-degree weather. Perfect weather for a nice run.

As I continue to affirm what is right in my life, I realize I am blessed to have strong legs, lungs, heart and mind to enjoy a run along the river.

Years ago, when my life was in total disarray, I never, in my wildest dreams, would have thought I could live such a blessed life.

I anticipate with great excitement the year to come. 2018 is going to be an incredible year… one day at a time.

May you see your blessings and know this; the more you focus on what is working, what is right, what is good, the more you have to be blessed for.

Welcome to 2018 … my year for Shattering Limits. What is your theme?