A quick look around indicates times are changing. Take Super Bowl Sunday commercials. There were quite a few attempts at educating people on the need to take care of the planet AND healthy eating through plant-based food options.

Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold launched their :60 Super Bowl commercial featuring 6 For 6-Pack, a new program that allows consumers to join the brand in helping farmers transition six square feet of farmland into organic with each purchase of a 6-pack of Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold.

Being a non-drinker, I have mixed feelings on this but overall, if awareness about the planet is increased, it’s a step in the right direction. Sort of.

There were several commercials that did what they could to offer meatless alternatives.

Although not ideal, it’s an attempt at moving people from a meat based diet to a plant-based eating protocol. For example, take Morning Star Crumbles.

There was the young girl running the food truck. In an attempt to educate people on the need to eat more plants, she creates a plant-based crumble burger, but proceeds to add cheese. Cheese defeats the purpose to eat healthy.

Then there is Carl’s Jr. breakfast sandwich with meatless sausage. Again, the message is that plant-based meats are a better choice, but they top it with cheese. Yuk!

What many of these large companies are missing is that cheese is just as bad as meat for our health. Yet, they come across as the “good guys and gals” by offering a meatless choice.

Obviously, whomever is advising them on promoting more plant-based choices is NOT 100% plant based. It could simply be a “let’s hop on the bandwagon to show we support a healthier way of living.”

In a perfect world, they would not add the cheese or the other garbage, but we are not in a perfect world.

Is it frustrating to those of us who have done a lot of research? Yes! Very, but it is a step in the right direction.

Many would argue this type of advertising is not doing a darned thing, but keep in mind, this is about shifting lifelong ways of eating. The very eating that has increased our need for medication. With obesity on the rise, the long-term impact of an unhealthy diet is one we cannot deny.

The shocking increase with many preventable diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, some cancers and strokes is such that time is running out. Not only have our healthcare costs gotten to the point that we are crippling the system, the quality of life for many people is declining by the day.

Do what you can!

There are those of us who are doing what we can. In our own way, we are raising awareness through the power of podcast interviews, social media postings and simply living the plant based lifestyle.

Such is the case with the recent interview I did with Julia and Shane of Vancouver, British Columbia.

I had just finished a four mile run in preparation for our conversation. It was a “pull back the curtain” opportunity.

During the interview I share how I got started with a plant-based lifestyle and what my commitment is.

I’m so committed to this lifestyle, I’m getting certified in plant-based nutrition through eCornell University. As I’m learning more and more, I’m more and more committed to doing what I can to raise awareness.

Listen in to our conversation. And feel free to share this post with your friends.


What Can You Do?

Rather than complain about what’s not happening, think in terms of what you can do to shift the tides. What examples can you set simply by being visible with the fact you are plant-based?

Are there groups you can share your insights with? Podcasts you can appear on? Blogs you can write for?

Every little step makes a difference.

Speaking of podcasts, if you have a plant-based, health-related podcast show, I would love to share my message with your audience. Simply reach out to me. Email me at kathleen @ kathleengage (.) com

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