The day we think we know it all is the day we set ourselves up for failure. This thought came to mind when I got a comment from someone who said, “I already know everything each expert taught in your recent telesummit.”

This was an isolated comment. 99% of the participants who responded to an after event survey had great things to say and each said they learned so much.
I had to laugh at the comment from the person who “knows it all” in that I found that even I learned so much from the experts I invited to the event.
To think we already know it all is the logic of fools. How could we possibly know it all?
Usually the people who say they know it all are the ones who may have read a bunch of books, listened to CDs, teleseminars, watched DVDs and webinars but are no further along than a year ago. Why? Because they know it all to the point of not applying what they learn.
Knowing and applying are two very different things. It is not the knowledge that creates our success, but rather the application of the knowledge. Not only the application, but the consistent implementation of information.
If you think you know it all that shows how little you do know.
What are your thoughts about “knowing it all?” If you attended the telesummit what did you learn from any one of the 12 experts?
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