I have a bone to pick. It has to do with how some people choose to market their products and services.
Before I tell you what my gripe is I feel compelled to give you a point of reference. I have been marketing on (and with) the Internet for years. I have been very strategic in building an opt-in subscriber list of interested readers. Everyone on my list requested to be there.
When people sign up for my list they occassionally receive information on upcoming events, teleseminars, free offers, tips, articles and my ezine. At any time they are free to opt out of my list.
I completely respect someone’s decision to get off my list. If my information is no longer of interest or serves a purpose for them then they should opt out.
This leads to what my bone to pick is. Lately, I have been receiving numerous unsolicited messages from people who opted into my list and seem to feel that because they are on my list that they can automatically send me sales messages regardless of the fact I am not on their list nor did I request to get their information.

This isn’t just happening to me. It is also happening to many of my colleagues.
For some reason, the people sending the unsolicited messages seem to think that because they signed up for my list I will be thrilled to receive their information. Marketing doesn’t work this way. Actually, the outcome they get can be just the opposite of what they hoped for. If someone has not requested to receive information from you and you send it anyway it can leave a negative impression of your marketing strategies.
Now mind you, I have opted into dozens of lists based on information I want and need. I look forward to getting information from the various experts I have requested information from. What I don’t look forward to is having someone email me information that I likely don’t have an interest in and don’t have time to read. What I suggest to those folks who are doing this is learn the simple strategies of defining your market, researching ways you can effectively get in front of your market and creating the kind of value that encourages people to opt-into your distribution list.
You will likely find the people who requested your information much more receptive to your products and services.
In success,
Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer