Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live with such a deep connection to the animals that you could look into their eyes and truly “feel” their pain and anguish? Their joy and happiness? Their feelings?



Such is the case with Tina Pashumati James, a lifelong vegan who has made it her mission to raise awareness. She will be the first to tell you, “The truth is in the animal’s eyes.”

When you look an animal in the eyes, you see the terror they live with. Most people are incredibly disconnected from this experience. Tina Pashumati James, lives a life that is deeply connected to the sentient beings.


Super-consciousness of being vegan


Tina believes that when one stops harming others, others will stop harming you. Tina has been an advocate for the animals for decades. She is committed to raising awareness about the cruel treatment of animals. Many people use terms that soften the blow such as, “We process meat.” The fact is, animals are slaughtered, not processed.

When you eat animals, you eat pain and suffering. You cannot flow when you have the pain and suffering in your body from consuming any type of animal products.   

Tina grew up learning about compassion for animals from her mother. She also learned a great deal from her grandfather who took on many roles in his village including the local veterinarian, policeman and doctor. He took on whatever role was needed by his village.

She was taught from an early age, “You have to be braver than you ever imagined you can be.”


Food Consumption and COVID


Does what we eat impact our risks with COVID-19? Are there things we can do to minimize our risks of complications should we get COVID?

Yes! Absolutely. And eating a highly plant-based, vegan protocol is one of the best defenses we have. Not only is it a great defense for COVID complications, but it also helps with heart disease, strokes, diabetes and other preventable diseases.

Eating a plant-based diet allows for staying more alert, focused, and vibrant. Tina believes that when people learn the truth, they can make better decisions. She teaches that any step in the right direction of kindness to the animals and plant-based/vegan eating is better than no step at all.


Bohemian Life


A former mountaineer, bodybuilder, marathoner, and competitive equestrian rider, Tina worked on Whistler ski patrol for eight years, living life to the fullest. A passionate Yogi, life-long vegan and plant-based advocate, Tina worked to protect bears in Whistler, British Columbia for nearly a decade.

Tina owned Loka Yoga, serving and building community for 20 years with her yoga wall and teachings steeped in Bhakti and indigenous ceremony both in England and Canada.

Tina works with those with cancer, depression, anxiety, PTSD. She speaks from her own experience of being a cancer survivor, Tina lives, eats, and breathes the essence of what yoga is steeped with indigenous teachings; ahimsa, non-harming, vegan, animal activist; Tina is a true Bhakti practitioner.

Tina is a voice for the voiceless and speaks up as to why a plant-based diet is so important within these yoga practices.


Why Yoga?


She became a yoga teacher to honor the earth with her First Nations elders. She is all about respect for nature and the sacred ceremonies and to use it as a platform to raise awareness about the torture and murder of sentient beings worldwide.

Tina is an authorized Senior Ashtanga yoga teacher by Manju Jois at the European Academy of Ashtanga yoga for over 28 years. She is an advanced Jivamukti teacher for 15 years.

Each year, she teaches a life program the eco village of Govardhan in India including 800-hour mentorships, private retreats, sweat lodges and vision quests with her Elders.

Tina conducts wedding ceremonies in British Columbia as well as sharing the environment issues and animal rights with her community.


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