Today is day 3 of NAMS3. Wow! What an amazing event Niche Affiliate Marketing Systems is. David Perdew is a master at putting on highly valuable events.
Since this is an Internet Marketing event, you can well imagine how much tweeting is going on, posting on blogs and on social networks.
Most people are doing what they can to keep up with their email and DMs/PMs. I am definitely no exception. I have posted on my blog, done some fun marketing via my channels I use (and made money while enjoying NAMS3, posted videos on YouTube and done what I can to stay on top of friend’s requests in Facebook.

With the majority of friend invitations I am clicking
“ignore. Why you might wonder? It’s very simple, I likely don’t know the person sending the invitation. But then, maybe they know me due to being on my mailing list, but have not indicated that on their friend’s invitation.
This situation is not unique to me. Many people I know go through the same thing. Last evening while out to dinner with Denise Wakeman and Ellen Britt, the topic of all the invitations we get with not one point of reference to who this person is.
Imagine having to figure out from a list of thousands of people who this person is. This is the reality for many people, both highly visible and those who are not so visible.
This is not the first time I am writing on this topic. I have posted in the past on the very same thing. The thing to keep in mind is there are million of social network invitations being done in any given day. Millions.
Help those out who you are inviting by giving a point of reference. And again, “We have 300 friends in common.” Personally, that doesn’t do a thing for me.
“I receive your newsletter”
“I heard you speak at NAMS”
“I am in your VIP Club”
That’s how truly simple it is. Here’s a tip, the next invitations you send out, give a recognizable and valuable point of reference. Adding a short “personalized” message can make the difference between being accepted or rejected.
What are your thoughts on this? Agree, disagree, don’t really care? Leave your comments in the box below.