How often have you said, “Today’s the day!” regarding something you are committed to changing. Yet, by day’s end you either didn’t do what you said you would do or you did something that directly sabotaged your success?
Unfortunately, this happens more times than not. Whether it be to eat healthy, make client calls, exercise, clean out the “junk” drawer or any number of activities designed to improve your life.
Regardless of what you say you’re committed to it takes more than simply saying, “Today is the day.” It takes focus, dedication and the willingness to get uncomfortable.
One area I see a lot of people who continually commit to something, but quickly get caught up in self sabotaging behaviors is in business.
A recent conversation I’ve had with several clients is about their desire for a cash infusion. A couple clients said, “I’ve done all I can. There is nothing left to do.”
With both I suggested they get on the phone and talk real-time with past and potential clients. There is nothing better than a long overdue conversation with someone who has either done business with you or has expressed an interest in doing business with you. This is one of the quickest ways to generate business.
One client was all over the idea. She enthusiastically committed to a minimum of ten calls that day. The other was not so eager. She said, “I’ve tried that and it didn’t work.”
Something I’ve learned over the years is no matter what you’ve done, there’s always something else you can do. And, even if you tried something once, twice or ten times and it didn’t work, it may work the very next time you do it.
The fact is, saying we want something and doing something about it (on a consistent basis) requires we get really honest with ourselves.
No matter what you want to achieve it takes work. It takes trial and error. It takes being willing to fail until you find the formula for success. And it takes risk.
There’s one thing that will block your success more than just about anything you do or don’t do. Resentment.
It could be resentment that it’s taking more work than you thought to achieve an outcome. Resentment about the success of another. Resentment that you have to learn something new to achieve your outcome. Resentment that you have to do something that makes you uncomfortable. Resentment that you have to take risks.
If you’ve said, “Today is the day!” about anything you have to take more action, get more focused, get uncomfortable and take bigger risks.
It’s really that simple.