With the economy becoming more uncertain by the day, now more than ever, is a great time to find cost-effective ways to eat healthy. Enter Toni Okamoto, founder and creator of Plant Based on a Budget.




Born more out of necessity than desire, what started as a simple blog post nearly a decade ago, has turned into a movement and global community of raving fans for the insights Toni gratefully shares with anyone interested in eating Plant Based on a Budget.

Toni was a passionate athlete when in high school. She didn’t realize her frequent visits to local fast-food establishments were hindering her performance. She was fortunate to have a coach who encouraged her to give up red meat and fast food.

Prior to that, Toni had not made the connection to what she ate and the impact of food on her athletic performance. It didn’t take long for her to experience improvements. Even though, she did get push back from her family for giving up meat.

When she moved out on her own, she found herself choosing more and more plant-based food choices.


Fast Forward to Today


Now 15 years as a vegan, Toni’s entire life revolves around raising awareness, writing cookbooks, and providing resources to encourage people to transition to healthy, cost-effective plant-based food choices.

What started as her own need for healthy, cost-effective meals, morphed into a highly popular brand, Plant-Based on a Budget.




Even though Toni has spent her entire adult life involved with vegan advocacy work, including farm sanctuaries and vegan advocacy organizations, at this point she is very clear that her advocacy is to show people how to eat healthy on a budget.

In her book, Plant Based on a Budget, readers learn how to eat on less than $30 a week.


All In the Family


Toni is married to vegan entrepreneur and advocate, Paul Shapiro, author of the highly successful book, Clean Meat; How Growing Meat Without Animals Will Revolutionize Dinner and the World and founder/CEO of the Better Meat Co.

Toni has built an incredible community and following on Instagram with close to a half million followers. https://www.instagram.com/plantbasedonabudget/


The author of three popular plant-based books, Toni is driven by offering healthy, easy to prepare options to her readers.

During our conversation, not only did Toni share ideas for virtually anyone who is interested in eating plant based on a budget, she also shared success strategies for marketing books. From a struggling author to an in-demand social media personality and highly successful author, Toni is incredibly optimistic about the future.

Between what she is doing, what Paul is creating with his business and the fact their dog has his own Instagram page, the outlook is bright. https://www.instagram.com/eddiethepittie/