Video has become one of the best ways to get your message out to market. There are videos for virtually anything you might have an interest in. Some are fantastic, while others leave a lot to be desired.
Video marketing is a hot trend that you should consider adding to your marketing mix if you have not already done so.
Do you know what the top 10 trending YouTube videos in 2014 were? Shira Lazar and Yousef Erakat, AKA FouseyTUBE, show you the hottest video trends (videos, channel and stars) of 2014! Including…

  • Top prank
  • Top wedding proposal
  • Top Channel
  • Top mainstream musician
  • Top mainstream celebrity
  • Top traditional brand
  • Breakout viral video of the year
  • Music video of the year
  • Music video parody of the year
  • Most viewed trend of 2014

Watch the full video about the top 10 videos at
You might be wondering why you should care. Here’s why; when you see what’s trending, the number of views the videos get and the number of subscribers a channel gets, it’s likely there is a great opportunity for the creators of the videos and channels to hear “Cha Ching!”
It’s always a great idea to pay attention to what’s grabbing attention. Who knows, you might get a few ideas before creating your next video.
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